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Bring customers to you on-demand, right when they're ready to take action. Maximize your ad spend, attract new customers, surpass sales goals and get more from your Google Ads.

Google Ads Consulting and Management

More Market Share

Gain a bigger online presence. Be there when your target audience looks for your product or service.


More Leads and Sales

Reach more people with precision targeting and messaging that resonates.


More Revenue

More exposure and more leads equal more revenue for your business.

Google Ads Team Skillset

Experienced Specialists
Get Ahead Faster With

Experienced Specialists

Our Google Ads team has more than 25 years of combined experience managing ads for large, multi-channel accounts across industries and verticals.

Technical Recommendations
Evolve Your Tools Through

Technical Recommendations

Our digital marketers have the technical skills to leverage the latest platform features including Google’s machine learning protocols.

Data-Driven Insights
Optimize with

Data-Driven Insights

Your campaign success relies on accurate data and analysis. Our ad management engineers and marketing experts track and manage your data for continually optimized performance.

Detail-Oriented Management
Achieve Quality With

Detail-Oriented Management

We employ detailed policies, procedures and best practices to ensure high-quality, measured performance and marketing insights from your advertising efforts.

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Grow Your Business With Google Ads

See more performance with your Google Ads account. Three Ventures customizes strategies around your brand and target audiences, providing the platform insights and expertise to meet advertising objectives. Whether you're looking to maximize return on investment, increase leads or drive brand awareness, we deliver strategic ads and keyword strategies that perform.

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Ready to Find More Success With Google Ads?

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Our Google Ads Management Success Stories

Google Ads Consulting FAQ

Pricing is an essential aspect of your consideration when selecting a Google Ads management partner. You have to consider the cost to your business if you service your own account versus hiring a dedicated advertising management consultant. Usually, the expense for consulting or outside management is far less than hiring a single in-house employee; plus, there are limitations to a person's time, skills and experience.

Our management fees include access to a skilled team (via monthly retainers), up to an approximately $20,000 monthly ad spend. Beyond that, we bill as a percentage of the monthly ad spend.

Results vary between campaigns due to a range of variables. Results also depend on definitions of success. When a successful transaction occurs on your site (e.g., a sale or a lead submission), the Google Ads platform records this as a conversion. This conversion is just one of the primary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to measure results. Campaigns can see results in as little as 24–48 hours with the proper budget, research, structure, messaging, destination page and strategy. However, it can take weeks or even months to see defined results, depending on your product or service, seasonality, audience size, price point, sales cycle length, brand reputation, competition and other factors. Contact us to discuss timelines and metrics for your Google Ads success.

Your contract comprises a team of experts, including a strategist and one or two managers. Larger accounts will get additional members, such as a project manager, an account executive and a data analyst. All clients receive initial and quarterly performance audits, continuous monitoring and account buildouts (or restructuring). In addition, each account gets perpetual campaign generation and modifications, which includes keyword, concept, audience researching and ad-copy creation. Plus, ongoing daily, weekly and monthly management, focused on continuous optimization like the curation of positive and negative terms; ad copy rewrites with clear calls to action; A/B split testing; customized reporting and regular meetings to discuss performance and recommendations to improve results.

Transparency and effectiveness are core tenets of all the work we do. Should you engage Three Ventures for Google Ads management and have a need to change platform ownership or ad management, we can ensure your historical performance and keyword data is preserved and usable for subsequent campaigns. Contact us to learn more.

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