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Virtual CISO: Stress-Relieving Strategic Security Partner

You want US Based, highly experienced vCISOs that work effectively with executives, reduce your stress from security issues, and stay up late so you don't have to. With Three Ventures that's exactly what you get. Stop wasting time looking at vendors that all say the same things and outsource work overseas. Take 15 minutes to contact us and talk directly with the vCISO you'll be working with.

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Virtual CISO Program to Identify, Mitigate and Manage Your Security Posture.

Bringing in top-tier cybersecurity experts from outside your company offers a fresh perspective that's vital for uncovering hidden risks and vulnerabilities in your current security setup. Think of your vCISO as your strategic partner in this journey. We're here not just to pinpoint those sneaky issues you might not have noticed but also to craft and steer a robust, long-term cybersecurity strategy. Our goal? To ensure we're getting the absolute best out of the tech you've already invested in, while dramatically lowering the cyber threats your business faces. It's all about smart, effective defense tailored to your unique needs.
Security OPS
Risk Management
Security Architechture
Compliance & Reporting
Business Enablement

Virtual CISO Services Included With All Packages - Starting $300 / Hour, 32 Hour Monthly Minimum.

Strategic Security Planning
Work With Your Team On

Strategic Security Planning

Crafting tailored security strategies aligned with business objectives and industry standards.

Security Awareness Training
Protect Your Employees With

Security Awareness Training

Ensure your employees know how to spot phishing and secure their company accounts.

Third Party Vendor Oversight
Let Us Handle

Third Party Vendor Oversight

Be extremely aware of best practices for third-party integrations and make sure your vendors meet rigorous standards.

Business Impact Analysis
Receive Continuous

Business Impact Analysis

We are there to assess possible security threats and plan for migrations to new cloud platforms or services.

Compliance Management
Prepare for Audits with

Compliance Management

Pass all your audits with flying colors thanks to our vast experience with compliance auditing.

Cyber Risk Management
Let Us Amplify Your

Cyber Risk Management

Identifying, assessing, and mitigating cyber risks to protect vital assets.

The Three Ventures Experience


Gain insights from seasoned security experts dedicated to your defense.


Leverage cutting-edge solutions that preemptively tackle cybersecurity challenges.


Secure your operations to enable safe scalability and market expansion.

Experience the Benefits of Three Ventures Virtual CISO

Our clients enjoy a multitude of benefits, ranging from enhanced security protocols to strategic advantages in the market.

  1. 1
    Robust Security Strategy

    Develop and implement a forward-thinking security strategy

  2. 2
    Proactive Threat Management

    Stay one step ahead of cybersecurity threats.

  3. 3
    Regulatory Foresight

    Anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes with ease.

  4. 4
    Empowered Security Culture

    Cultivate a security-first mindset across your organization

  5. 5
    Compliance Mastery

    Stay ahead of the curve with a vCISO who knows the ins and outs of ever-evolving compliance landscapes.

  6. 6
    Long-term Partnership

    Enjoy a lasting relationship with a vCISO who is as invested in your success as you are.

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Safeguard Your Organizational Data and Secure Company Assets.

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Consultant Spotlight
Wally Hix

Wally Hix is a Co-Founder at Three Ventures with in over 10+ years expertise in delivering secure, compliant, scalable cloud solutions for Fortune 100 firms, government agencies and global telecom networks.

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Fractional CISO FAQ

We specialize in healthcare, financial services, technology, and defense, bringing a depth of knowledge to each.

It starts with a high-level risk assessment to establish a baseline and progresses towards a full risk assessment and strategic roadmap development.

Absolutely, our vCISOs are adept at navigating compliance requirements and will be your guide through this complex landscape.

Our founder-driven, customer-obsessed approach means we tailor our strategies to your specific needs and challenges.

A vCISO is a service that provides organizations with expert-level security guidance and leadership, typically on a flexible or part-time basis. It's an effective way to access top-tier security expertise without the commitment of a full-time executive hire.

A vCISO collaboratively works with your IT team, offering strategic oversight and supplementing their operational capabilities. The vCISO can provide high-level guidance, risk management strategies, and support in implementing best security practices.

vCISO services are versatile and beneficial across various industries, especially those handling sensitive data, like healthcare, finance, technology, and defense.

vCISOs continuously update their knowledge through ongoing training, attending industry conferences, and staying engaged with cybersecurity communities to remain informed about the latest threats and defense strategies.

The engagement model is flexible and can be tailored to your organization’s needs. It can range from a few days a month to a more extended engagement, depending on your cybersecurity requirements and goals.

A vCISO aligns cybersecurity strategies with business objectives, ensuring that security measures support and enhance overall business growth and innovation.

Absolutely. A vCISO plays a crucial role in developing and refining incident response plans, ensuring your organization is prepared to efficiently handle and recover from cybersecurity incidents.

Three Ventures’ vCISO service stands out for its tailored approach, blending industry-specific expertise with innovative security strategies to provide comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity leadership.

Through strategic planning, ongoing risk assessments, and continuous improvement initiatives, the vCISO service fosters a culture of security awareness and resilience, leading to long-term enhancements in your cybersecurity posture.

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