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Microsoft Advertising Consulting (Bing Ads)

Efficiently manage large campaigns or integrate with other proprietary systems and business tools for tracking, integrated inventory management, advertising reports, and campaign optimization. Three Ventures optimizes your campaigns and integrations with custom solutions designed specifically for your business. 

Microsoft Advertising Consulting Services (Bing Ads)

Targeted Segmentation
Explore New Audiences

Targeted Segmentation

What Bing lacks in volume, they more than make up for in quality as Bing’s audiences tend to be more affluent and spend more online.

Across Environments
Expand Reach

Across Environments

With advertising options across search engines, you’ll reach more and gain more intelligence and insights. Campaign transfers are easy so you don’t have to start from nothing.

Affluent Audiences
Target Specifically

Affluent Audiences

Lower volume means better value per clicks, and the same intelligence and insights with every transaction. You’d be remiss not to advertise on the Microsoft network.

For More Users
Generate Brand Loyalty

For More Users

Naturally engage audiences on desktop, mobile, and anywhere they’re shopping for your products and brands.


Target More Consumers

Microsoft search platform is widely used by audiences, including audiences using mobile and voice search.


Grow Reach & Revenue

Leverage Bing and the Microsoft ad network to drive lift in reach and revenue for your core audiences.


Improved ROI

While smaller than the competitor’s search pool, advertising tends to be competitive, leading to higher ROIs.

How To Reach Your Microsoft Bing Advertising Goals

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Maximize Reach and Engage Specific Targets

Bing may command a smaller percentage of the overall search traffic than its leading competitors, but the platform and environment are ripe for successful opportunities, insights, and most importantly, sales.

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Ready to Drive More Value Per Click and Grow Your Reach?

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Microsoft Bing Ad Consulting FAQs

Pricing is an essential consideration when selecting a Microsoft Bing Ads management partner. We know this. You do have to consider what it might cost your business to service and maintain your advertising account versus hiring a team of focused and dedicated professionals. Our consulting and management fees are far less than acquiring a single in-house employee, particularly when examining HR costs, taxes, salary, benefits, training, software, etc. Plus, there are potential limitations to that person's time, skills and experience. Our fees include a seasoned team of experts regularly engaging in ad platforms. For accounts with a monthly ad spend of less than $20,000, we engage a monthly retainer to cover costs of servicing your account. For larger accounts, in excess of $20,000 per month, we charge a percentage of your monthly spend. Both the retainer and percentage billing arrangement see the same exceptional attention and ongoing support in the continual refinement, reporting and management of your campaigns.

Results vary from campaign to campaign due to a handful of variables. Results also depend on how these results are defined. When a successful transaction occurs on your site (e.g., a sale or a lead submission), the Microsoft Bing Ads platform records this as a conversion. This conversion is just one of the primary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to measure results. Some campaigns see results in as little as 24–48 hours with a proper budget, adequate research, and a sound structure, messaging, destination page and strategy. However, it often takes weeks or even months depending on your product or service, seasonality, audience size, price point, sales cycle length, brand reputation, competition and other factors.

Yes, you absolutely can. And, Microsoft, in a bid to capture a share of the advertising revenue, makes this super easy. Three Ventures can help you implement and learn from the Microsoft Advertising network so both your Google and Microsoft ads continue to perform well beyond your expectations. The more advertising intelligence you have, on more platforms, the more insights you can glean from audience engagement and intent. Microsoft’s cost-per-click is also lower and, often, more actionable. Contact us to learn more about the potential for new insights, new audiences and more brand equity.

Your contract comprises a team of experts, including a strategist and one or two managers. Larger accounts will get additional members, such as a project manager, an account executive and a data analyst. All clients receive initial and quarterly performance audits, continuous monitoring and account buildouts (or restructuring). In addition, each account gets perpetual campaign generation and modifications, which includes keyword, concept, audience researching and ad-copy creation. Plus, ongoing daily, weekly and monthly management focused on continuous optimization like curating positive and negative terms, ad copy rewrites with clear calls to action, A/B split testing, customized reporting, and regular meetings to discuss performance and recommendations to improve results.

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