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Angular Consulting and Development

Expedite development from prototype to production and create highly performant applications that work across platforms. Using modern approaches and best-in-class tooling Three Ventures develops Angular applications, upgrades existing AngularJS apps, facilitates development excellence, and leads modernization with your team on development initiatives.

Angular Consulting Services

Application Development and Modernization
Transform With

Application Development and Modernization

Transform existing business applications to provide value with modern features and cloud infrastructure.

Application and Feature Development
Innovate & Automate

Application and Feature Development

Employ development principles and automate code release to focus on features instead of management.

Application Hosting
Scale Performance

Application Hosting

With static optimization using CDNs or performance optimization with server side rendering.

Existing Application Maintenance
Gain Perspective

Existing Application Maintenance

Understand the current state of an application and gain a clear perspective on the required maintenance protocol of Angular environments.

Angular Audits
Uncover The Health of Your Application

Angular Audits

Obtain insight and knowledge about an existing Angular application to form a well rounded understanding of how to move forward.

Angular Modernization and Migrations
Reduce Costs

Angular Modernization and Migrations

Reduce operational costs, gain competitive advantage and improve user experiences by modernizing applications.


Powerful Tooling

Build features quickly with templates or extend the functionality of a template with an array of existing components all supported by the vast Angular ecosystem.


Server Side Rendering

Render more quickly for improved search engine optimization, indexability, and user experiences.


Infinitely Scalable

Build scalable applications from this component-based framework, from a single developer project, to an enterprise application.

Reach Your Angular Development Goals

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    Testing and QA
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Drive Enterprise Performance with Development

Leverage incredible, simple, time-saving tooling and resources of Angular to build better and allowing your teams to focus on the logic of the business applications. Developed and supported by a massive ecosystem, we can save you time and money in the development of business-changing applications.

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Angular Development for Lasting Success

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  • AWS Partner Network - Standard Consulting Partner

Angular Consulting FAQ

Our senior development staff can lead a technical project or work in tandem with your team to understand your business requirements and truly become a part of your organization for optimized project execution. We serve as the bridge between strategy and implementation, with program and project execution support for teams and projects.

Yes we work with AngularJS and also with migration to modern Angular frameworks

Yes, using server-side rendering, we can facilitate the needs between marketing optimization and technical infrastructure to promote discoverability in your application. We can modify and host for server side rendering to ensure optimization.

We provide Angular audits to assess your current architecture for understanding how you can better supplement your implementations to retain the high-functioning state of Angular.

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