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A boutique team of highly sophisticated cloud architects & one of the original AWS Consulting Partners. Contact us to talk directly with the team who will do the work on your project. Watch the video or scroll down to learn more.

Amazon Web Services AWS Consulting

AWS Consulting Services

AWS Account Audit
Get A Clean Bill of Cloud Health

AWS Account Audit

Custom audits hand tailored to your specific needs. Audits include hands-on review, audit documentation with findings, and recommendations.

Cloud Strategy and Planning
Prepare For Success

Cloud Strategy and Planning

Where you get a comprehensive cloud adoption strategy, including infrastructure planning, cost estimation and migration roadmap development.

Architecture & Design
Robust, Scalable and Secure

Architecture & Design

Where you get AWS account and service architectures based on best practices and tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

AWS Migration Services
Seamless Transitions

AWS Migration Services

Where we migrate your applications, databases and infrastructure to AWS with minimal downtime.

Infrastructure Optimization
Low Cost and Manageable

Infrastructure Optimization

Where we analyze your AWS architecture and cloud services to plan and implement: performance optimization, cost reduction strategies and minimization of idle resources.

Security and Compliance
Maximize Your

Security and Compliance

Where we ensure your account and architecture meets compliance standards and regulatory requirements, while implementing best practices for data protection, access control, and threat mitigation.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Where our teams provide ongoing management, monitoring and maintenance of AWS infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, security and cost efficiency.

DevOps and Automation
Streamline Deployment With

DevOps and Automation

Where we deliver DevOps capabilities for CI/CD and deploy automation tools to streamline your development and deployment processes.

Big Data and Analytics
Faster Business Insights With

Big Data and Analytics

Where we architect and deploy AWS big data services and analytics tools to help your businesses quickly gain insights, improve decision-making and drive growth.

Reduce IT OPS With


Where we design, build, and manage serverless applications using AWS Lambda and other technologies to reduce operational overhead and enhance scalability.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Be Ready For The Inevitable

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Where we work with you to develop and implement disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure data availability and minimize downtime in the event of infrastructure failures or data loss.


Minimize Vulnerability

Harden your systems against potential threats, reduce exposure and control resources along AWS organizational boundaries.


Achieve Compliance and Security

Satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive operations, detect and remediate for rapid risk reduction on premises and in the cloud.


Reduce Time to Market

Plan your AWS environment and truly leverage the ready-made, robust architecture, tools and infrastructure of AWS.

How We’ll Achieve Your AWS Goals

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    Introduction and Requirements
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    Discovery and Analysis
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    Conceptualization and Design
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    Development and Validation
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    Optimization and Automation

Create Modular Configurations That Scale

Amazon is a market leader in cloud services and an obvious choice for enterprise cloud adoption or migration. Here’s why clients work with Three Ventures:

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  • AWS Partner Network - Standard Consulting Partner
Consultant Spotlight
Wally Hix

As a co-founder & cloud expert, he has led AWS work with Fortune 100 firms, government agencies and global telecom networks. Spearheading our AWS partnership in 2012, he's a trusted consulting and security authority.

Wally hix

Our AWS Consulting Success Stories


We can audit your infrastructure and applications to meet compliance requirements or provide comprehensive health checks for executives, technical integrators or insurance and legal stakeholders.

We can help you create stable, automated infrastructure which will markedly increase your time to value and scalability within your organization.

Three Ventures helps your business overcome your networking challenges for applications, compliance and visibility. We design, develop and provide production support for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) design, content delivery networks (CDN), load balancers, DNS, multi-regional architectures, direct connects, and other networking solutions such as iPAM and DCIM.

Create new digital experiences and realize new revenue opportunities by converting and connecting legacy applications with a Three Ventures consultant. Leverage the latest cloud services and create API-led connectivity for your applications to quickly produce value while minimizing business impact.

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