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Get the most out of your data without the enterprise platform cost. Integrate your data sources, develop reporting and automate insights and take action on your business trends.

BigQuery Consulting Services

Strategy and Planning
Ensure Project Success

Strategy and Planning

Successfully discuss, assess and document your project. From roles, to key outcomes, Three Ventures plans for project success from day one.

Integration and Development
Build Successfully With

Integration and Development

Execute the technical lift of your BigQuery project with detail-oriented development and trust your data on day one.

Automation and Integrations
Improve Business Productivity From

Automation and Integrations

Remove repetitive reports and data management tasks which keep you and your teams from growing your business.

Analytics and Insights
Leverage Machine Learning and AI For

Analytics and Insights

Unlock the true power of your data with near-real-time prediction and modeling tools to accelerate business insights and take action.

Governance and Security
Scale Your Data Usage

Governance and Security

Successfully scale data usage without sacrificing governance or security to stay in control of your data.

Consulting and Management
Manage Your Analytics Maturity

Consulting and Management

Stay on top of your ever-changing analytics needs and grow with a trusted partner and data management resource.


Own and Unlock Your Data

Centralize and own your business data to unlock its true potential.


Govern and Secure at Scale

Securely democratize access to reports and insights at scale.


ROI from Machine Learning

Maximize the results with your data and improve returns with automated insights and prediction.

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Scale Your Data Capabilities: Access, Governance, Trust, Automation and Prediction.

Increase your business agility and productivity when you pair BigQuery with Three Ventures consulting. Reach new all-time highs in your business through unlocking the true capabilities of your data. It’s why when client’s work with us, they experience:

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BigQuery FAQ

BigQuery has a freemium model of pricing. All users get 10 gigabytes of storage and one terabyte of queries per month free of charge. Keep in mind that to use your data, you have to store it. Therefore, there are two types of costs associated with BigQuery. The first is storage – or how much data you will have to run queries against.

The second is analysis pricing, or paying for the computational resources to run a query against your data.

Pricing can be on a “pay as you go” model or a reserve model. Pay as you go is more expensive, but you only pay for what is used.

A reserve model is like signing a contract. You guarantee a price that you will pay per month, with a dollar amount minimum. You’ll get better pricing, but you’re on the hook for a minimum fee.

For current rates, please see BigQuery pricing or contact Three Ventures for support.

Yes. We frequently work with clients who use Google Marketing Platform 360 products with BigQuery.

With the native integration to BigQuery from some of the 360 products makes this an obvious option.

With the migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), there’s also a native integration for the free version. Many clients are using this as a solution to the data thresholding and cardinality issues currently experienced with GA4.

Our normal hourly rates apply for BigQuery consulting. As a very senior, and very technical consulting firm, we do not publish our rates.

However, we are not the cheapest option. Remember, you get what you pay for.

To get our current rates, please call or contact us.

BigQuery is commonly compared to Amazon (AWS) Redshift. While both are cloud data warehouse platforms, there are some fundamental differences.

Reasons to use BigQuery include cost, technical specificity, company culture or IT preferences. The biggest technical specification with BigQuery is the much larger column width for individual tables. This setup is ideal for quickly working with disparate data sources without much preparation or optimization effort.

Company culture also plays a significant role. If a company primarily uses Google products, it’s easy to step into using a Google data warehouse. If a company is more integrated with AWS, then they will typically choose to stay with an AWS first approach.

IT preferences can also play a role in the decision making process, specifically around internal skills and proficiencies. The required technical skill sets might not be available in-house, so a trusted partner is key.

On the cost side, BigQuery is by far the more affordable option with the most features. Given their freemium model, this is not surprising. Most organizations, however, don’t have the technical, analytical and data science skill sets to fully unlock its potential.

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