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SOC Compliance Consulting

Achieve and maintain SOC compliance with professional consulting by Three Ventures. Our senior team will work with you to implement solutions that not only meet, but exceed industry standards set by organizations like the American Institute of CPAs and the US Department of Defense.


Simplicity and Repeatability

Provide your security and organizational teams compliance strategies and reporting mechanisms that are simple, effective and repeatable.


Enhanced Audability

Create a posture of security and reduce threats and be fully prepared for independent audits, with compliance automations, tools and features that enhance your understanding and systems auditability.


Streamlined Operations

Maintaining customer data, confidential information and system availability does more than ensure compliance, it creates a secure system of excellence and smooth operations for increased business success.

SOC Compliance Consulting for Cybersecurity, Operations and Supply Chains

SOC Audit
Uncover Your Compliance Gaps With A

SOC Audit

Get a real time understanding of your organizations SOC compliance standing and a remediation guide to empower your teams.

SOC Compliance Remediation
Achieve Compliance With A

SOC Compliance Remediation

We’ll work with your team to remediate and build tools for continuous compliance monitoring and other ML solutions for auto resolutions.

SOC Compliance Monitoring
Maintain Compliance With

SOC Compliance Monitoring

Three Ventures will work with your team to build out a custom real time SOC continuous compliance monitoring solution for your organization.

SOC Compliant Applications
Quickly Deploy

SOC Compliant Applications

Streamline and synchronize compliance practices across business applications with senior compliance consultants from our development and cloud solutions teams.

SOC Compliant Cloud Solutions
Quickly Build

SOC Compliant Cloud Solutions

Deploy compliant public or hybrid cloud architectures to support your business data, applications and network access across your organization.

How To Reach Your SOC Compliance Goals

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    Schedule Your Private Discovery Call
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    Engage for SOC Compliance Requirements
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    Deliver On SOC Compliance Scope
  4. 4
    Celebrate Your SOC Compliance Success

Evaluate Risk, Align Objectives and Protect Client Data

Establish systems and organizational controls and build categorical trust in the security, confidentiality, availability, processing integrity and privacy of your data and systems with comprehensive SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 readiness, assessment and reporting strategies of the senior Three Ventures security and compliance team.

  1. 1
    Develop Insights
  2. 2
    Automated Compliance
  3. 3
    Gain Scalability
  4. 4
    Mitigate Threats
  5. 5
    Increase Collaboration
  6. 6
    Enhanced Security and Auditability

Ready To Secure Your Business With SOC Compliance?

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SOC Compliance FAQ

The time it takes to complete the SOC compliance process can vary depending on how complex and big your organization is.

Other time considerations are the specific type of SOC report you're trying to get.

A ballpark range is anywhere from a few weeks to a few months (from simple, to more complicated).


We can help you get ready for audits and make sure you stay compliant. We'll give you strategies and tools to make your systems stronger and give you a better understanding of how your whole company works. This way, your SOC reports will be easier to do and your audits will be more successful.

We'll do more than just help you meet the basic requirements. We'll help you be really good at what you do, and make sure everyone trusts and understands what's happening in your company.

All Types: SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC3.

Three Ventures makes sure your company is safe and follows all the rules. We know about all the different security and compliance standards, like those from the US Department of Defense, HIPAA, SOC, NIST and MPA. We also pay attention to threats from all over the world and work with the best security experts to keep you safe. If you want to make sure your company is completely compliant in everything from SOC to cybersecurity and supply chain, you should contact Three Ventures.


A culture of security is our goal with any security or compliance effort. We understand that threats abound and work with enterprises to address vulnerabilities and document policies for effective security and compliance. Our senior security and compliance specialists provide analysis, audits and operational insights that address information architecture, infrastructure, systems and physical assets.

From continuity and contingency plans to security training for internal teams, Three Ventures is your comprehensive security and compliance solution, your partner in business excellence.


Three Ventures provides end-to-end security solutions for cybersecurity and information assurance architecture. We provide governance strategies, automations and protocols which not only meet the strictest, most comprehensive security and compliance standards, but automate processes, enhance visibility for critical infrastructure, reduce threat potential and provide your business with more resilience and accountability at scale.

SOC compliance refers to a set of industry standards and regulations that organizations must comply with in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of their internal controls and security measures. Compliance with these standards is important for businesses in order to protect sensitive data and avoid potential legal and financial risks.

There are three types of SOC reports.

SOC 1 reports are focused on internal controls that affect financial reporting.

SOC 2 reports are focused on controls related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

SOC 3 is similar to SOC 2, just with a public report.

Key considerations on which report you need are business operations processes and regulatory requirements.

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