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Analytics Audits

Make confident decisions with your data knowing it's managed and tracked correctly. Three Ventures delivers accurate and actionable data using our audit frameworks and proprietary processes.

Analytics Audit Consulting Services

Analytics Strategy
Identify Your Right

Analytics Strategy

Discover and define clear requirements upfront for the role of analytics in your organization.

Data Collection
Trust Your Current

Data Collection

Inspect your platforms, processes and code to ensure they match up to their intended analytics roles. Remediate issues as they are found.

Reporting and Dashboards
Arm Your Teams With

Reporting and Dashboards

Ensure your teams can see KPI trends, and easily answer key business questions needed to move the business forward.

Governance, Compliance and Management
Mature Your Analytics With

Governance, Compliance and Management

Successfully navigate technology change, manage staff turnover, documentation, compliance and the evolution of your analytics usage over time.

Generate Your Needed


Develop processes and capabilities to arm leadership and decision makers with insights about key business segments and drivers.

Advanced Analytics
Predict Outcomes with

Advanced Analytics

Using machine learning and AI at scale to predict outcomes and uncover trends as they happen to shift marketing, sales and operations activities.

Analytics Maturity
Understand Your Current

Analytics Maturity

With our complete analytics audit package which performs a comprehensive review of your analytics usages and the future state of analytics in your industry.


Data Confidence

Feel the power and see the bottom-line results of accurate and actionable data.


Managed Analytics

Successful management of your data and analytics maturity over time.


Better outcomes

Empower teams with data in real time and see increased revenue and enhanced productivity.

Your Path To A Successful Analytics Audit

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    Prioritize Your Goals
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    Deliver On Your Priorities
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    Celebrate Your Success

Surface Insights Your Team Turns Into Action

Increase the accuracy and use of your analytics data. Let your team take confident action steps to get more out of your business efforts. Resolve your data issues quickly with Three Ventures consulting and benefit from the following:

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Ready to Trust Your Data and Generate Insights + Action?

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Our Analytics Audits Success Stories

Analytics Audits FAQ

We audit many different types of platforms. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Marketing Analytics (Google and Adobe)

  • Tag Management (Google, Adobe, Tealium)

  • Data Visualization (Tableau, PowerBI, Data Studio, Looker, Domo)

  • Customer Data Platforms (Bloomreach, Adobe, SalesForce, HubSpot, Lytics and more)

  • CMS (Wordpress, craft, magento, shopify and more)

  • ETL platforms (Alteryx, Prep, Adobe and others).

  • Cloud analytics (services from AWS, GCP and Azure)

  • Digital advertising (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, trade desks and more.)

Since we have four distinct teams engaged in Analytics, Advertising, Software Development and Cloud Environments, we are able to successfully audit the major platforms we commonly work with.

Our process and how we assemble teams specific to your needs is what allows us to work on so many platforms successfully.

No, you can purchase only a single service with an analytics audit.

What’s unique about Three Ventures is that we don’t require you to do comprehensive audits like some of our competition. At times, you may only need a very specific audit around a singular topic.

Our teams build a scope of work specific to the type of audit you request. Otherwise you can tell us the challenges you’re facing and we will propose the ideal scope of work from our experience.

Our process for an analytics audit is very comprehensive with five steps.

The five steps include discovery and strategy; collection and implementation; reporting; insights and management what the key steps being insights and management.

Most analytics practitioners can fix your data. At Three Ventures what sets us apart is our data-driven culture and our ability to ensure your teams develop the skills to uncover their own insights and maintain this culture of data management and maturity over time. We provide specific insights into the management of analytics at your organization and the evolution required to ensure continued success and maturity. Our goal is to be your analytics sherpa, to keep you at the forefront of analytics maturity and governance in your industry.

Working with Three Ventures on an analytics audit is very hands-on. You and your team should expect to be meeting with us at minimum twice a week. This will be more at the start of an audit and possibly a bit less towards the end.

You can expect to develop a good working relationship with our team as you’ll be in frequent contact. The team you’ll be talking to are the ones who actually do the work, not project managers who outsource and interpret deliverables.

While we can come onsite and work with you, most of our work is done remotely with our team. Your team should be comfortable working in a virtual environment with a vendor.

Our team is experienced in working with very structured corporate environments where process and procedure must be respected. We also are very disciplined and agile, working quite well with organizations that move and implement quickly. We don’t skip out on the details and communicate well!

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