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Google Analytics Audit

Finally achieve Google Analytics excellence with a custom-crafted audit designed specifically for your business needs. With our proprietary Three Ventures Google Analytics grader you’ll get an Analytics audit in hours instead of weeks.

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Google Analytics Audit Services

Measurement Frameworks
Identify What To Audit With

Measurement Frameworks

Document the business questions and data on which an audit should focus. Includes a proprietary list of more than 100 configuration and setup items.

Diagnostic Evaluations
Address Specific Concerns with

Diagnostic Evaluations

Quickly address your biggest challenges first, if there are no known data accuracy issues.

Complete a Comprehensive


Ensure every point of data accuracy and actionability is reviewed in detail and documented by our senior leadership.

Implementation and Configuration
Remediate Issues With

Implementation and Configuration

Implement the recommendations from our audit documentation, which includes a solution design reference document.

Training and Support
Use Your Data To Increase Conversions with

Training and Support

Your teams get to work hands-on with our senior consultants to uncover trends, remove bottlenecks, address content gaps and drive more conversions.

Google Analytics Grader
Implement Audit Findings Yourself With Three Ventures’

Google Analytics Grader

Our proprietary software audits your account in hours – not weeks. Furnished audit documentation can be used to address areas that are negatively impacting your Analytics audit scores.


Trust Your Data

Data accuracy you can rely on to uncover key trends in your business and customer segments.


Uncover Trends

Spot trends and identify opportunities to improve your campaigns and content performance.


Increase ROI

Remove your bottlenecks and improve your UX to increase your marketing and content returns.

How To Reach Your Google Analytics Audit Goals

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    Prioritize Your Goals
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    Deliver On Your Priorities
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    Celebrate Your Success

Uncover Insights You Need To Drive More Conversions

Having confidence in your Google Analytics data is critical to getting results from your marketing efforts. Stop wasting your time and quickly resolve data challenges with Three Ventures consulting. It’s why when you choose to work with us you’ll experience:

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Ready to Trust Your Data and Increase Your Marketing ROI?

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Our Google Analytics Audit Success Stories

Google Analytics Audit FAQ

Three Ventures proprietary Google Analytics Grader in a software application we built to grade your Google Analytics account.

It provides you with two scores: data actionability and data accuracy.

Each score provides you with an overview and a detailed analysis of what influences your score. Each influence also has recommendations and details of what was reviewed.

To use the grader on your account, you’ll have to contact us and request a price for your report. The PDF output and a review with our team will be provided to you. You may then implement the recommendations yourself or consult with us further.

Google Analytics Audits can be completed within a time frame of weeks, to a few months. The time frame varies by the size of the account, number of properties, number of views and the amount of data within an account. The more people and systems involved in the collection of your data, the longer the audit will take.

Either, or! We can provide the audit documentation with recommendations to your team (with final approval of course).

Otherwise our analytics team, which also includes developers and cloud architects, can help you implement any recommendations we provide.

A diagnostic is Three Ventures' solution to ensuring you solve a specific problem quickly without the prerequisites of performing a full audit.

Thanks to our proprietary Google Analytics Grader, we can quickly see if your account is eligible to perform a diagnostic. If there are no found issues with your data accuracy, we can get straight to work on your specific needs or challenges.

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