California Dental Association Regains Analytics Data Confidence with Three Ventures
Learn how the California Dental Association (CDA) has regained confidence in their analytics data, after a strategic, targeted Three Ventures analytics audit and refinement process.
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California Dental Association (CDA)

Audit, Identify Inaccuracies, and Provide Actionable Insights

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Focused on Core Data Collection and Configurations

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Validations, Frameworks and Solutions for Success

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Let's work together
Accuracy of Current Analytics
Reduction of Unnecessary Event Tracking
Client’s Capacity to Measure Cross-Domain Campaigns
CDA Reinvigorates Campaign Metrics After Three Ventures Analytics Audit
Renewed Data Confidence for California Dental Association Properties
Measuring Against Performance and Correcting Discrepancies
A Concise and Strategic Partnership
Blaine Wasylkiw
Director of Online Services California Dental Association

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