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California Dental Association Regains Analytics Data Confidence with Three Ventures
Learn how the California Dental Association (CDA) has regained confidence in their analytics data, after a strategic, targeted Three Ventures analytics audit and refinement process.
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Accuracy of Current Analytics
Reduction of Unnecessary Event Tracking
Client’s Capacity to Measure Cross-Domain Campaigns
CDA Reinvigorates Campaign Metrics After Three Ventures Analytics Audit
Renewed Data Confidence for California Dental Association Properties

CDA renewed confidence in online engagement and their capacity to gain valuable user insights after a comprehensive Three Ventures analytics audit. Knowing they had a problem, the CDA was able to quickly renew confidence in online engagement measures and their capacity to glean valuable user insights after a comprehensive Three Ventures analytics audit.

Measuring Against Performance and Correcting Discrepancies

CDA analytics data was just not measuring sensible against historic or anecdotal evidence. They partnered with Three Ventures to assess and align their analytics environments to identify inaccuracies and improve data collection across a network of CDA domains.

A Concise and Strategic Partnership

The partnership between CDA and Three Ventures resulted in a renewed use and strategy around the analytics data for a range of high-traffic, mission-critical California Dental Association network domains. Three Ventures maintained a strict focus on deliverables throughout the process, keeping costs aligned with meeting business objectives and providing prioritized and strategic recommendations.

Blaine Wasylkiw
Director of Online Services California Dental Association

Audit, Identify Inaccuracies, and Provide Actionable Insights

  1. 1
    Audit Google Analytics data, tagging and reporting functions
  2. 2
    Identify inaccuracies, discrepancies and Improvements in analytics data and data tracking methodologies
  3. 3
    Report and provide recommendations for refining data and improving accuracy and reporting tools
  4. 4
    Configure data collection points, and protocols
  5. 5
    Align with stakeholders and staff to ensure continued data collection strategies and implementation
  6. 6
    Create solutions for collecting, reporting and sharing data across the enterprise

Focused on Core Data Collection and Configurations

  1. 1
    Approached audits and data collection strategies with a refined and discerning focus to keep costs low
  2. 2
    Worked directly with CDA staff and stakeholders to develop in-house expertise and supplement staffing insights
  3. 3
    Documented findings and recommendations for continued accuracy and data collection implementation
  4. 4
    Provided benchmarks and data collection points for enhanced historical perspectives

Validations, Frameworks and Solutions for Success

  1. 1
    Validated accuracy of historic analytics data and current analytics applications
  2. 2
    Provided goal measurement frameworks tailored to CDA’s web, content and business objectives
  3. 3
    Furnished solutions for measurement and metrics of internal campaign and content efforts across California Dental Association domains, networks and digital offerings
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