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Microsoft Azure Consulting

Securely realize new business solutions or migrate and modernize your existing applications with Azure. Three Ventures senior consultants orient and expertly manage the modernization and migration of applications. Create stable and secure infrastructure with our senior Azure consultants.

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Cloud Audits
Ensure stability and security

Cloud Audits

Verify crucial capabilities and ensure access, security, and continuity of your cloud configurations.

Cloud Security, Identity and Compliance
Reduce risk and mitigate concerns

Cloud Security, Identity and Compliance

Detect misconfigurations, expose vulnerabilities, and ensure strict compliance standards within cloud environments for improved risk management.

Cloud Transformation
The evolution of business, at speed

Cloud Transformation

Evolve enterprise operations, uncover insights, gain efficiencies, improve customer experiences, and increase stability with public, private or hybrid cloud deployments.

DevOps Consulting
A philosophy in practice with tools.

DevOps Consulting

Facilitate production and iteration of applications at speeds much greater than conventional development or infrastructure management processes.

Infrastructure as Code
Fully integrated, cloud native

Infrastructure as Code

Make the design, development ,and deployment of infrastructure faster, more consistent, and near-infinitely repeatable.


Flexibility and Agility

Responding to business challenges requires adaptability and flexibility. Businesses can rapidly modernize their critical infrastructure and core business processes with Azure cloud services and solutions.


Security and Compliance

Integrated security controls, in-built resources, machine learning, application-based intelligence, and extended protection for cloud and hybrid cloud configurations.


Preparation and Implementation

Migrating to or modernizing with Azure requires understanding and insight. Choosing the right partner with the expertise and practiced, logical approach makes a difference in the effectiveness of your migration or modernization efforts.

How To Reach Your Microsoft Azure Goals

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Build, Extend and Scale Securely

Three Ventures offers the necessary insights and expertise you need to migrate or modernize with Azure. It why when you work with us, you’ll experience:

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Ready to Modernize Existing Applications With Azure?

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Microsoft Azure FAQ

Maybe. There are numerous cloud environments and configurations available to enterprises of all sizes. Three Ventures works with you to organize, clarify and document your vision and business requirements, mapping these to optimal cloud solutions for best achieving established aims.

With public, private and hybrid configurations and myriad operational variables, it can be a challenge to uncover an actionable cloud strategy. Our proprietary processes provide detailed roadmaps and clear documentation for your journey to the cloud.

Yes. You can extend your on-premises network to include subnets and virtual machines hosted in Azure infrastructure services. This configuration lets the computers in your on-premises network directly access virtual machines in Azure and vice versa.

Yes, with careful consideration and a clear roadmap, you can move legacy applications to Microsoft Azure. To take full advantage of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) options, we would conduct a thorough application analysis to determine the optimal modernization strategy.

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