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Social Media Analytics Consulting

Discover how to quantify the ROI you generate with each campaign, post and social media channel. Develop insights for incremental improvement and realize new potential with behaviors and segments, while building or maintaining an effective social media presence.

Social Media Analytics Consulting Services

Reporting and Insights
Automate and Uncover with

Reporting and Insights

Automate and integrate your social media reporting, eliminate spreadsheet analysis efforts and provide improved visualizations and insights to teams.

Owned Social
Understand and Evolve Your

Owned Social

Understand the true engagement, sentiment and returns of your owned social media to focus efforts and content development where it counts.

Paid Social
Optimize and Accelerate Your

Paid Social

Uncover the audiences and the types of creative which produce the best returns and shift your strategies accordingly.

Deliver Custom Experiences Through


Get help selecting a customer data platform (CDP) or integrating your existing CDP to deliver results through data-driven personalization.

Platform Selection
Accelerate Your Results With

Platform Selection

Revise and optimize your social platform and data environments with senior analytics consultants who have experience building, leveraging and customizing leading social media analytics platforms.


Automate Reporting and Insights

Centralize your reporting and insights, eliminate redundancies and dispose of spreadsheets.


Drive Engagement and Sentiment

Develop and deliver insights driven content and increase engagement.


Increase Social ROI

Focus on your core ROI drivers from social media and increase conversions at every stage of the engagement process.

Steps To Reach Your Social Media Analytics Goals

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Uncover Role and Impacts of Social Media in Your Marketing Mix

Understanding what your audiences want and expect from you on social media is a rich yet moving target. As the world changes and current events occur, social strategies must be informed with near-real time insights on interests, intent and performance. That’s why Three Ventures social media analytics clients experience:

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Ready to Uncover the True ROI of Your Social Efforts?

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Social Media Analytics FAQ

We’ve worked with platforms such as: Brand24, Brandwatch, Sprout Social, BuzzSumo, BrandMentions, Agorapulse and others.

We’ve also built custom applications which interact directly with APIs to bring data back into data warehouses and leverage existing internal reporting environments.

Yes. Lots of companies still manage their social media data in archaic spreadsheets (even some enterprises we’ve worked with!).

We have successfully automated reporting for spreadsheets using API tools. Additionally we have integrated automated solutions into ETL tools and processes to make data available within existing internal reporting platforms such as Tableau, PowerBI, SAP, etc.

Yes. To help you provide a personalized experience across your paid social campaigns, you’ll need a customer data platform (CDP).

With a CDP you can centralize and integrate all of your user data. This will allow you to deliver personalized experiences at scale. These not only work in your omni-channel campaigns (which includes social), but they also work across and with your websites and native applications.

Contact us to learn more about our customer data platform and social media personalization capabilities.

Of course! We have both analytics and advertising teams with great experience in paid social. Whether you're looking for an analyst to provide you with insight and direction or a campaign manager to help you deploy the latest ROI generating tactics, Three Ventures is an ideal choice for improving your paid social campaigns.

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