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Bloomreach Consulting (Exponea)

Leverage customer data to deliver experiences with near limitless relevance, personalization and value and drive business growth.

Bloomreach Consulting Services

Strategy and Planning
Plan For a High ROI With

Strategy and Planning

Successfully define what you’ll use Bloomreach for and the path required to realize exceptional returns from the platform.

Integration and Configuration
Engage Bloomreach’s Most Powerful Capabilities With

Integration and Configuration

Tactically integrate your user data and configure the features necessary to get quick wins. Then work long term towards full platform maturity.

User Analysis and Insights
Identify Your Best Opportunities For Growth With

User Analysis and Insights

Perform analysis types relevant to your business and users. Uncover where to focus user engagement and revenue growth efforts.

User Engagement and Revenue Growth
Achieve a High ROI With

User Engagement and Revenue Growth

Execute customized omni-channel marketing for your users including text and email, A/B testing, surveys and more.


Accelerate Revenue Growth

Understand and master your customer’s journey, driving revenue growth and retention along the way.


Personally Engage With Every User

By enabling Omni-channel orchestration to automate your communication.


Predict Customer Behavior

With AI-powered capabilities across multi-channel campaigns.

How To Attain Your Bloomreach Goals

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Benefits of Working With Three Ventures For Bloomreach Consulting (Exponea).

You understand that the future of digital commerce involves using near-real-time client data to deliver tailored experiences second to none. For over ten years Three Ventures has managed the challenges and complications of using client data in decision making and in automated systems. It’s why when you choose to work with us, you will:

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Ready to Unify Your Customer Data and Deliver Individual Experiences?

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Bloomreach FAQ

Bloomreach has three main product categories: Engagement, Content and Discovery.

Engagement is the centralized CDP (Customer Data Platform) which is the foundation for any install. Engagement includes marketing automation, personalization, omni-channel marketing and AI-driven insights. This is used by every type of business.

Content is a CMS (content management system) which is headless and has API support. This is mainly used for online retailers who want to deliver highly customized and personalized experiences.

Discovery is a machine learning and AI-driven product discovery platform. It includes specific packages meant to supercharge online commerce experiences: search results; recommendations and pathways; SEO; testing and audices; insights and analytics. This is mainly used for large online retailers who need an automated system to manage the scale of their audiences, products and store fronts.

Achieving an acceptable ROI from your investment in Bloomreach is contingent upon three key factors:

  • How quickly you can integrate your data into the platform.
  • How much data you have to put to use (more is better).
  • Whether you train teams internally or rely on a partner like Three Ventures.

The faster you get the correct data into the platform the better. This requires your technical teams and most likely a partner like Three Ventures.

The more data you get into the platform (good data!), the faster it will be getting all systems up and rolling. More quality data equals more quality insights, especially with automation recommendations.

Lastly, you need to use the platform to drive more revenue. This means either training for your team or trusting a highly capable partner like Three Ventures. Accelerating revenue generation with Bloomreach products is key to a quick ROI attainment.

Incorporating a trusted partner like Three Ventures from the start helps you uncover what you don't know about Bloomreach. This is extremely helpful when assessing.

Additionally, most clients get the following departments (and their respective teams) involved: IT, Customer Service, Marketing and Sales.

Depending on what your aim for Bloomreach is, the assessment will vary. Planning for success is critical. This is why we highly recommend contacting a partner like Three Ventures for support in the assessment process.

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