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Tealium Consulting

Centralize customer data, integrate data collection, gain insights and provide optimized user experiences for customers and prospects. With Three Ventures and the Tealium CDP environment, you can manage, collect and activate your customer data for improved connections.

Tealium Consulting Services

Tealium IQ
Enterprise Tag Management

Tealium IQ

Control and manage the collection of your audience data with enterprise control and governance.

Tealium EventStream API Hub
Server-side Data Collection

Tealium EventStream API Hub

Collect and deliver your customer data via an API to accelerate data accuracy and collection.

Tealium AudienceStream
Real-time CDP

Tealium AudienceStream

Uncover your audience insights and manage your audience engagement in a single platform.

Tealium Predict ML
Predictive Audience Insights

Tealium Predict ML

Predict customer behavior and take action across every channel to provide more targeted marketing and enhanced user experiences.

Tealium DataAccess
Own All of Your Customer Data

Tealium DataAccess

Real-time access to your source of clean and correlated omni-channel audience data for nearly any use case.


Accelerate Revenue Growth

Understand and master your customer’s journey, driving revenue growth and retention along the way.


Predict Customer Behavior

With AI-powered capabilities across multi-channel campaigns.


Manage Customer Data Collection

With enterprise tag management and data governance capabilities.

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Your Best Customer Experiences Come From Tealium and Three Ventures

The future of online commerce is tailored. Your user data powers and molds every interaction audiences have with your organization. For more than a decade, Three Ventures has ensured clients drive revenue growth through the management and activation of accurate user data. It’s why when you work with you, us can expect:

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Ready to Collect, Unify, and Turn Your Audience Data Into Revenue?

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Tealium FAQ

All powerful Tealium installations start with Tealium IQ, their enterprise-level tag management solution. Naturally, we have strong proficiencies with this.

Server side tagging has been a huge trend lately due to the evolving privacy landscape. We deploy these solutions regularly across nearly all tag management platforms for clients.

With AudienceStream and Predict ML our specialties are subject to the availability of our team. Most clients partner with Three Ventures long term and we pair our senior consultants to clients based on their experience. It’s recommended to contact us and see what the current availability and experience of our team members are.

In regards to Tealium DataAccess, our cloud and development teams get heavily involved. We have very specific specialties here. Again this is subject to our current availability and workloads.

Yes, we have consulted with clients on assessing and negotiating their contracts. Tealium contracts are very technical in nature as they often include allotments of requests and limits for each product.

Our cloud consulting team works hands on with our analytics team to assess limits and ensure clients aren’t overpaying or underestimating their needs.

Absolutely! Investing in Tealium can be a significant capital expense.

Client’s value Three Ventures’ leadership, guidance and insights in identifying what your business is ready for now – and what you must mature into.

Assessment of your people, process and platforms will be required to achieve a meaningful ROI. Contact us to have a conversation about your needs today.

Tealium using clients work with Three Ventures in two main ways: projects or retainers.

Most clients start off with a project. This is a fixed scope and timeline style project which involves any of the following: assessments, audits, installs, development or very specific technical problem solving.

As clients become more comfortable working with our team, they see the value of having a trusted partner internally. Such monthly engagements have a dedicated block of time and clients get to use that time as they see fit.

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