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Solving User Attribution In A Cookie-less Future

An identity graph is a method to identify a returning user, customer or lead over longer periods of time when cookies might not work. Giving you more insight in the Customer Journey and improving your marketing attribution. This article describes how parties like Hubspot, Facebook and Google use this in their platforms or how companies can build their own identity graph in their data warehouse.

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Director of Analytics
Solving User Attribution In A Cookie less Future
How To Fix Not Set Values For Google Analytics 4 Parameters

GA4 event parameters enhance analytics by offering deep insights into customer behaviors through added context to actions such as page views or transactions. Although integrating these parameters via GTM in the GA4 config tag is easy and affects all subsequent events, this approach can lead to inaccuracies if parameter values are not immediately available or if they change. For more precise and...

Auke Vos 2020 Headshot
Director of Analytics
How to fix not set in GA4 parameters

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