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Best Practices for Using HubSpot for Email Marketing

Many businesses buy HubSpot so they can perform their email marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, they often discover that there is much more to email marketing than simply drafting emails and hitting the send button. Without proper planning and preparation of your HubSpot account, you may learn a very costly and time consuming lesson. Three Ventures adheres to a blend of industry-proven and our ...

Senior HubSpot Consultant
Best Practices for Using Hub Spot for Email Marketing 4
How to Use OpenAI's ChatGPT For Text Completion And Code Completion

With OpenAI making their Research Release public, we thought it was time for us to explain the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT. At Three Ventures our OpenAI Consultants have been Beta testing with OpenAI for over a year, and have seen the power of OpenAI's APIs which are what support ChatGPT, DALL E 2, and Whisper. We've played with these tools and we see the toolset as becoming crucial for employees...

Curtis morte
Head of Development & Co-Founder
How to use openais chatgpt for text completion and code completion

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