How To Fix Self-Referrals In Google Analytics

How To Fix Self-Referrals In Google Analytics

Posted in: Analytics

At Three Ventures we do a lot of enterprise work with Google Analytics. Oftentimes, when we perform analytics audits for these clients, we typically find common self-referral issues.

In addition to this, we’ve been getting a lot of contacts recently in regards to fixing self-referrals. Naturally we wanted to write a blog post on how to fix them. Please also let us know if this post helped your solve your problem or not in the poll below the video.

Watch the video for a quick overview (Less than 2 minutes long).
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How To Monitor Responsive Web Design With Google Analytics Custom Reports

How To Monitor Responsive Web Design With Google Analytics

Posted in: Analytics

At Three Ventures, we do a lot of client work engineering, launching, and maintaining responsive websites and web based applications. This blog post is about how to monitor responsive web design with Google Analytics.

We have found that this strategy consistently increases conversion rates and improves UX when used as discussed below.

You can download the report that we use directly into your Google Analytics account. No analytics knowledge required. Feel free to watch the video below and / or read the post on how we leverage these reports in house. The report downloads are below the video.

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How To Take Control Of Your Marketing Channels With Google Analytics

How To Take Control Of Your Marketing Channels With Google Analytics

Posted in: Analytics, Marketing

At Three Ventures, we’ve always been fond of analytics and its optimization use cases. As an agency, we’ve tried and tested different ways to improve marketing efforts, used different tools and sources to make workflows more effective, and ultimately have found success and failure.

After reading this post, do you understand how to tag links (With UTM parameters) in Google Analytics?

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how to measure social media roi with google analytics

How To Measure Social ROI With Google Analytics

Posted in: Analytics

This post is the how to version of @AlanMorte‘s presentation at the SMX Social Media in Las Vegas, NV. It’s how to measure social ROI with Google Analytics. Click on any of the links below to get to that part:

Let’s face it, ROI is a term that most marketers sell on, but fail to report on data that proves it. We’re aware that a majority of marketers aren’t software engineers or developers, and that integrating 3rd party conversion codes on thank you or checkout pages for social advertising platforms can be quite the task.

That’s why we decided to write “How To Measure Social ROI With Google Analytics” (And why Alan spoke on it). So why don’t more people use Google Analytics to measure social ROI?
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UI and UX Experiment

The Universal Navigation Component – A UI and UX Experiment

Posted in: Analytics, Design

In the modern web era, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) testing is critical for enhanced usability and growth of online revenue for businesses.

For example, Google Analytics data sets are studied to recognize trends, detect issues, and forecast future insights about websites and applications. Analysis of such data sets by businesses are typically driven by revenue growth goals, but by focusing solely on revenue growth have we lost a critical component which negatively impacts UI and UX?
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How To Create a Call-Only Campaign In Google Adwords

How To Setup A Call-Only Campaign In Google Adwords

Posted in: Marketing

Today, Google officially updated the Adwords platform to make a Call-only Campaign an effective advertising option for search advertisers. Call-only campaigns will connect allow consumers to call advertisers directly. This comes in a much needed time when mobile use is challenging desktop for search volume. Google is finally removing the weakest part of the conversion funnel for Call ads… the landing page. Read More

ROI With Google Analytics

How To Calculate Lead Generation Value In Google Analytics

Posted in: Analytics

Calculating lead generation value and ROI with Google Analytics is essential for marketers who use cost per lead & ROI data to justify marketing spends.

We’re writing this post because of the two common mistakes when calculating of per lead values. This makes heavily relied upon data inaccurate, leading to misinformed decision making.
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Using Google To Beat Google A Solution To The Adwords Close Variant Change

A Simple Solution To The Adwords Close Variant Change

Posted in: Strategy

This post is the how to version of @AlanMorte’s presentation at the State of Search conference in Dallas, TX. It’s about Three Ventures’ strategy to beat the recent Google Adwords close variant change.

Alan’s presentation “Beating Google By Using Google” and this post, is meant to help PPC managers regain some of the lost control from the recent Adwords change. The twist is that this solution saves you time and regains the the lost control inside of Adwords.
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user id universal analytics

Making Data Love To Your Brand With Google Analytics

Posted in: Analytics

If you’re like us at Three Ventures, you use Google Analytics as your main platform for data measurement. You also probably love your brand and realize that, without it, you have nothing.

Let’s talk about the correlation between those two.

Google Analytics is great. For free and out of the box, it provides about 80% of readily trackable data for your brand’s website.

Without the extra 20%, what doesn’t it tell you?

It doesn’t tell information strictly about the users who constantly buy from you or use / preach your services. It doesn’t compare these users to those who simply found you online, haven’t purchased / inquired about anything, and who don’t care about your brand.

It should… and it can. Lets watch the video video for a quick summary.
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Google Analytics iOS App

Google Analytics iOS App – A Must For Analytics Professionals

Posted in: Analytics

Finally! The Google Analytics app for iOS is here! For all analytics professionals and business owners who use Google Analytics, the app is a must have.

The app has been out for quite some time on android, and it’s a pretty great slimmed down version. The iOS Google Analytics app seems to be similar to look and feel, but let’s be honest, I think we would take just about any GA app given how long we’ve waited :).
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