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How To Choose an AWS Region

Choosing the best AWS region for your organization is crucial for the success of your cloud infrastructure. Each region has varying levels of latency, cost, and fault tolerance. Picking the wrong one can even affect your team’s development speed, not to mention you may have to redo infrastructure work. It’s important to consider all the ramifications before deploying any resources. Read on to l...

Dillon Kanada
Cloud Solutions Architect
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Harness the Power of AI to Increase Your Google Ad Campaigns ROAS

AI and machine learning, particularly NLP and Generative AI, are crucial in elevating Google Ad campaigns by analyzing data, understanding customer sentiments, optimizing keywords, personalizing ads, and targeting audiences. Immediate gains can be made through AI-driven copywriting, keyword analysis, audience insights, and automated bidding. However, be mindful of data quality, algorithm biases...

Mateo left
Head of Marketing & Advertising
Harness the Power of AI to Improve Your Google Ad Campaigns

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