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TBH Accelerates Their Understanding of Data & KPIs With Three Ventures
Learn how Trumpet Behavioral Health positioned themselves for greater understanding of their data and metrics with the consulting and implementation work of Three Ventures
Tableau Consulting
Integrated and Automated Existing Executive-Level Manual Reports
Data Integrations for Nationwide Field Office Data
Disparate Data Sources Incorporated
Providing Operational Insights in Process
Ensuring People and Processes Are Aligned

From initiation to implementation, Three Ventures communicated objectives and offered suggestions which enhanced delivery across the entire process. Incorporating key stakeholders and team feedback ensured a successful project outcome and a trajectory of data excellence and continued enhancement. In meeting goals and aligning constraints, Three Ventures was able to implement solutions and offer insights for improvement with an attention to detail and operational awareness that enhanced overall delivery beyond expectations.

Providing Greater Understanding of Data Infrastructure

Trumpet Behavioral Health is in a unique position of greater understanding of their data and metrics, with the consulting and implementation work of Three Ventures. With better analytics and better reports, they continue to make more informed and actionable decisions based on accurate and reliable source data and actual insights. With improved access and governance, they have been able to expand operations and provide insights to stakeholders across the country.

Professional, Personal Partnership Orientation

Explaining technical concerns in lay terms is a hallmark of the communication practices for Three Ventures. As true partners in projects and through processes like the TBH Analytics and Tableau consulting project, Three Ventures engages a leadership mindset, addressing issues and shortcomings confidently and communicating solutions which are technically viable, innovative and, when explained, understandable. Through the entire process and despite unexpected complications, Three Ventures succeeded in staying on track and delivering success, empowering TBH to continual excellence and data innovation.

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Jenna Crowley
Business Intelligence Analyst

Migrate, Democratize and Evolve

  1. 1
    Migrate data use from internal and external sources to an AWS Redshift Instance
  2. 2
    Maintain HIPAA compliance constraints while democratizing data access and usability across interdepartmental teams
  3. 3
    Leverage existing Tableau Online usage and engage best practices for collaborative usage analytics
  4. 4
    Evolve and optimize existing usage and usability between departments and department functions

Phased Insights and Detailed Adoption Strategies

  1. 1
    Maintained a phased delivery strategy to address extensive scope
  2. 2
    Furnished interval updates and iterative modular deliverables
  3. 3
    Promoted engagement and knowledge transfer at key junctures
  4. 4
    Fostered in-depth understanding of processes and platform usage for successful business synthesis and subsequent ideation

Managed Governance, Migrated Efforts and Delivered Disparate Data Solutions

  1. 1
    Developed SQL scripts for BI queries using AWS Redshift
  2. 2
    Templated Tableau Desktop workbooks with strict governance, clear data definitions and roles-based employee access
  3. 3
    Implemented permissions best-practices for democratized access to data and collaborative analytics in Tableau
  4. 4
    Leveraged internal, external and disparate data sources for improved insights and optimized access across the enterprise
  5. 5
    Provided clear roadmaps for subsequent data potential and integrations
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