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Make business decisions at the speed of today! With Three Ventures and Domo, the time to advanced insights is minimized which provides significant competitive advantage.

Domo Consulting Services

Initial Setup & Configuration
Quick Integration and Implementation

Initial Setup & Configuration

Domo is designed for speed. Ensure that speed is paired with accuracy with Three Ventures as your technical partner.

Pilot Project
Test If Domo Is Right For You

Pilot Project

Engage key teams with a pilot project and align your insights with business operations that inspire adoption and foster success.

Strategy & KPI Identification
Master The Foundations of Domo

Strategy & KPI Identification

Discover what drives your business, overcome hurdles and inform non-technical teams with detailed and accessible business intelligence and operational insights.

Dashboard Development
Get Real Time Data To Your Teams With

Dashboard Development

Empower your key teams with near real-time data they need to make business decisions today, instead of next week.

Data Governance
Manage At Scale

Data Governance

Asset management, instance health, data anatomy, maintenance, and governance of PII at scale.

Domo Connectors

Domo Connectors

Integrate your data sources which don’t have out of the box connections with custom connectors.

Domo Apps

Domo Apps

Fully customized applications, visualizations, and dashboards using UX best practices with Domo.



Deploy machine learning and deep learning models on your Domo data and collaborate on its insights.


Eliminate Data Silos

With Domo and Three Ventures you eliminate barriers to collaboration and work faster across departments and teams.


Accurate, Consistent and Trusted

Align data more accurately and ensure scalable access more securely with sound governance, data science and operational expertise of Three Ventures senior consultants.


Rapid Time to Value

Ubiquitous access and multiple data sources requires technical insights to implement effectively. Three Ventures delivers value, and valuable business insights, faster with Domo.

Our Plan To Reach Your Goals

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    Review your SOW and Engagement Details
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    Deliver on Priorities and Uncover Innovations

Better Business Intelligence Faster and With Less Code

Creating actionable dashboards and intelligence is easy, by design, in Domo. Durable data solutions and accurate insights in Domo are delivered from our team’s technical expertise and strategy for use cases applicable to your business.

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Ready To Grow Your Business Insights With Domo + Three Ventures?

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Domo Consulting FAQ

We can walk you through how to approach and execute an enduring and useful Domo project for your organization. Our cloud, development and business operations specialists engage across your enterprise to create useful, team-informed dashboards and insights for increased adoption and enterprise buy-in, by design.

Domo’s resources, visual interface and APIs allow you to connect, clean and align data from all of your disparate data sources. Depending upon the size, scope and data being managed or combined, you’ll need to leverage any number of Domo data tools and connectors. Three Ventures helps determine the best path forward to implement secure connections in your platform instance, including the development of custom data connections.

Three Ventures connects and communicates across your enterprise, to uncover key drivers for business and gain buy-in from your various departments. We listen carefully and apply our expertise from across enterprises to uncover and answer the questions your teams need answers to, as well as uncover new insights on information you have yet to discover.

Domo data visualizations are an agile and powerful way to explore and communicate ideas across your operation. To uncover what matters, Three Ventures combines data science with careful communication, documentation and operational insights to evaluate need and create meaningful visualizations that warrant results. Our Domo and data science expertise spans all manner of operation and online business. We align sound business and data strategies with varied perspectives to coordinate your business and team needs with compelling, actionable report visualizations.

Three Ventures builds custom data applications across platforms and enterprise applications. We relish opportunities to increase the accuracy and efficiency of your data and craft automation resources and sound ETL processes through custom application development. The Domo App Framework is just one of the development tools we can employ to build fully customized data solutions and accessible applications for your specific business needs. If you need unique data loaded into your Domo platform, Three Ventures scopes and deploys applications using best practices and agile methodologies for sound user design and enhanced user experiences in your Domo instance.

Domo features a wide range of data science and machine learning capabilities on the platform. Our Three Ventures senior consultants deliver on this range of deep learning and descriptive solutions to provide advanced insights for your data. We create adaptable solutions with predictable data insights for optimal performance.

Three Ventures is industry agnostic, with expertise in digital and data solutions that span enterprise and operational applications. We work with SMBs and enterprises of all variety, developing complex data, development and cloud solutions for a range of business challenges. Our diversity and wide ranging expertise lends our senior consultants unique insights into any operation with perspectives gleaned from years of facing increasingly complex data, compliance and development challenges.

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