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Google Surveys Consulting

Get quick, valuable and cost-effective insights from target audiences in the Google Survey network. With Three Ventures consulting, you can gain brand insights, improve audience engagement and enhance public perception of your products or offerings for increased customer satisfaction.

Google Survey Consulting Services

Plan For Success


Define what questions you need answered and the opportunities you have to obtain feedback.

Setup and Configure


Successfully structure and configure your survey to get unbiased feedback from your target audiences.

Uncover Audience


Uncover trends and sentiment in responses to identify answers to your audience specific question.

Take Action From Insights


Develop content and user interface updates to help your audiences find what they need quickly and convert more often.

Develop Your Team With


Develop a culture of optimization and testing with your team to continually improve marketing results.


Generate Audience Insights

Get answers to why audiences behave how they do.


Customize For Each Audience

Tailor your testing and experiences specific to your audiences.


Improve Conversions and ROI

Drive more conversions and ROI without increasing advertising spend.

How You’ll Improve Conversions and ROI With Google Surveys

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    Schedule Your Discovery Call
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    Prioritize Your Goals
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    Deliver On Your Priorities
  4. 4
    Celebrate Your Success

Understand What Users Want and Need

The toughest challenge your digital footprint faces is what your audiences truly think about its experience. Google Surveys with Three Ventures consulting ensures you can uncover unfiltered feedback about each target audience's experience. It’s why when you work with us, you can expect to:

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Ready to Understand What Your Users Want and Need?

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Our Google Surveys Consulting Success Stories

Google Surveys FAQ

Yes, we work with both versions of Google Surveys. Three Ventures is an analytics and Google Marketing Platform partner.

The main difference between small business and 360 is the integrations with Google Analytics and additional features. Specifically the ability to have advanced targeting needs by audiences is the number one feature use we see with 360 accounts.

Yes, you can use Google Surveys on both your site, as well as on the Google Display Network (GDN)

Surveys run on GDN are where we obtain market based insights from broad audiences to help generate insights for your next product or service.

Our process for developing a research plan and all of the details critical to its success.

Specifically the questions to answer need to be clearly defined. The process of collecting the data needs to minimize bias. Data collected needs to be in a format which will allow you to successfully analyze. Our process ensures this is planned for and you can generate insights quickly.

Yes, we can assist in your organization buying 360 products from Google. As an Analytics Partner, we have access to features, pricing and options for 360 products.

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