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Segment Consulting

Align your customer data and gain increasing insights with Three Ventures Segment Consulting. Our senior consultants design and develop stable data architectures and source integrations for unified customer intelligence and activation.

Segment Consulting Services

Audits & Diagnostics
Regain Confidence In Your Data

Audits & Diagnostics

Ensure your data sources, customer data, audience segments, and integrations are accurate and can be trusted.

Assessment & Strategy
Plan Your Path To ROI

Assessment & Strategy

Engage the operational and business acumen of Three Ventures to uncover and plan your path towards generating an ROI from Segment.

Initial Architecture and Setup
Build For The Future

Initial Architecture and Setup

Experienced Segment analysts and developers ensure your current structures and architecture align for longevity, security and accuracy, clearing the way for more enabled teams and more aligned marketing insights.

Integrations & Reporting

Integrations & Reporting

Integrate sources and deliver aligned and insightful data to teams quickly, securely and with more resilience and trusted utility.

Customer Segmentation & Activation

Customer Segmentation & Activation

Our senior consultants and technical teams work across projects and data sets to inform your project with trends and tools which significantly increase utility and efficiency of your Segment instance.

Outsourced Support & Staffing
Fill Your HR Gaps

Outsourced Support & Staffing

Fill a recent departure or HR resource gap in your organization with support of senior consultants on-demand.


Data Architecture Alignment

Uncover what you don’t know, define where your challenges might be and connect platforms with well-architected and fully integrated data expertise.


Ensure Governance and Compliance

Gather, filter and validate content and control scalable access with Segment’s leading compliance measures and Three Venture’s compliance and governance expertise.


Build Resilience

Design and document to scale and grow exponentially without sacrificing flexibility or agility. Three Ventures ensures your data models are architected to maximize the features of your marketing technology and business applications.

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The Invaluable Insights of a Well Crafted Segment Install

Three Ventures engineering, development, data and marketing expertise helps organizations remove barriers, reduce silos and craft more holistic customer perspectives for increased success. Realize the true value of an industry-leading CDP by partnering with Three Ventures to ensure your disparate data and sources are structured and managed to their fullest potential.

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Ready To Uncover and Activate The Single View of Your Customer?

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Segment Consulting FAQ

Three Ventures works with B2B, financial services, media, marketplaces, retail organizations and mobile first enterprises. While we’re industry agnostic, we do find similar data challenges across business types, maintain certain specialities and find value in complex challenges of any industry.

Three Ventures works with a range of entities from startups and enterprises to small and mid-sized operations. For startups, we focus on the management and integrity of data as operations quickly evolve, integrating data into new platforms and getting business to market (and value) quickly. For small and mid-sized businesses, we organize data architecture to manage processes now and for future growth. For enterprise efforts it’s all of the above plus data governance and compliance with consistency at scale.

Our team has extensive experience with managing and detecting PII including implementation of data controls and alerts. We can also assist with GDPR compliance and CCPA which would include user deletion and suppression.

Yes, we can readily evaluate, reconfigure or repair all of your storage, destinations and functions, including testing, export, schema controls, error resolution and rate limiting, to name just a few.

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