AWS Audits

AWS Account Audits

Get an AWS audit of your account(s), or just select services. We offer audits that are highly structured, or focused around a specific business need in AWS. Audit topic areas include: security, identity, compliance, management tools, networking and content delivery, compute, storage, databases, and others. Use the buttons below to learn more or get started.

AWS Account Audit Types

Our team can work with your business to execute a structured best practice AWS audit, or a custom audit tailored to your needs. Either way, you'll be getting the hands on assessment, validation, and solutions road-map your company needs to scale efficiently with AWS. See the core subject areas we cover below.

AWS Audits Security, Identity, and Compliance
The foundations of scalability start with

Security, Identity, & Compliance In AWS

As you need to ensure that your account has the ability to leverage advanced identity and access controls, collect and analyze log data across all aspects of your account(s), maintain compliance requirements, and more.

AWS Services Included: Amazon Cloud Directory, IAM (Users / Roles), Amazon Inspector, AWS Certificate Manager, AWS CloudHSM, AWS Directory Service, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Organizations, AWS Shield, AWS WAF, AWS Guard Duty.

AWS Management Tools
Ensure That Your Team Has The Right

Management Tools In AWS

To automate or programmatically provision the components of your environments on AWS. These provide procedural control, while still allowing your team to develop at a rapid pace.

Supported Services: Amazon Cloud Watch, AWS Systems Manager, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS OpsWorks, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Comand Line Interface (CLI).

Networking & Content Delivery on AWS
Isolate, Scale, & Direct Connect With

Networking & Content Delivery On AWS

To ensure that your network can scale with demands and meet the connection criterion of virtual, hybrid, or private clouds.

AWS Services Included: Amazon CloudFront, Amazon VPC, AWS Direct Connect, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53

Compute On AWS
Run Applications or Workloads With

Compute On AWS

With over 70 services, you'll need to ensure that your applications leverage the right ones to accelerate operations and speed of innovation.

Supported Services: Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Container Service & Registry (Including Kubernetes), Amazon Lightsail, AWS Batch, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

Storage On AWS
Data Reliability, Scalability, & Security With

Storage On AWS

Ensure you have the right services, configurations, and architecture for storage requirements. Cloud data storage and migration are part of your cloud foundations to support information use and compliance requirements.

Supported Services: Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Glacier, AWS Storage Gateway, Cloud Data Migration Services

Databases On AWS
Match Application Use Cases To The Right

Databases On AWS

To help drive down the costs of storage, manage traditional and new data types effectively, all while providing access to data within milliseconds anywhere around the world.

Supported Services: Amazon RDS, Amazon RDS Aurora, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Neptune, AWS Database Migration Service

Other Audit Areas On AWS
Go Beyond The Foundations of AWS With

Focused Audit Areas

To address business or technical needs with analytics, development tools, business productivity, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Supported Services: Amazon Athena, Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Quicksight, AWS Deep Learning AMIs, Amazon SageMaker, AWS Data Pipeline, AWS Glue, Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon Rekognition Image / Video, Amazon Lex, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Polly, and more

Looking For Other AWS Services?

Look at our other AWS services with the boxed content below.

AWS Solutions Architecture & Deployment

Work with our team to leverage industry leading AWS architecture and deployment solutions for your business applications which transform cost, efficiency, and productivity.

Application Migrations & Integrations

Helping your teams plan, proof of concept, and migrate your applications to AWS. This service also covers integrations such as SSO and federation.


Design, development, and production support for infrastructure automation, continuous delivery, and site reliability engineering. This also covers tooling selection and integration.


Work with our teams to design, integrate, and get help managing VPCs, multi-regional architectures, direct connects (hybrid cloud), and setting up solutions for IPAM and DCIM.

Pricing For AWS Consulting

Pick the price and model that fits your business needs.


Hourly Consulting

Great for when you need to talk or work with an AWS consultant on a specific problem.

Scope Focused

Project Pricing

Great for when you have an AWS project and need a consultant to help plan and architect a solution.


Retainer Pricing

Great for when you’re transforming your business applications with AWS and need a team on-demand.

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