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AWS Audits

Three Ventures threat specialists provide actionable infrastructure audits and understandable insights to facilitate a proactive stance and security-first approach to AWS environments. Learn more about our two AWS audits below.


Human Oriented Technical Reports

Audits are only as good as your capacity to act upon them. Get audits your teams can use and your executives can understand.


Security & Governance to Scale

Leverage insights and automation intelligence to facilitate situational awareness and manage access securely at scale.


Threat Matrices Addressed

Senior technical specialists immersed and actively addressing threat landscapes, hacker tools, trends and developing defensive resources.

AWS Audits for Enterprise Environments

Account Bootstrap
Build Securely From The Start With An

Account Bootstrap

Harden, privatize and setup security and logging best practices for a brand new AWS account to ensure success in the cloud.

Comprehensive AWS Audit
Identify, Remediate and Harden With A

Comprehensive AWS Audit

The complete package to audit your existing AWS account. Our audit teams package vulnerabilities and solutions in everyday language that executives can understand, but with specify that technical teams can use to deploy.

How To Reach Your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Audit Goals

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Audits for Insightful and Resilient Operations

Your cloud configurations are critical to your operations with misconfigurations becoming more critical or costly every day. Gain invaluable insights into your cloud configurations and uncover new opportunities for enhanced governance and optimizations of critical functions.

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Ready for a Security-First AWS Environment?

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Our AWS Audits Success Stories

AWS Audits FAQ

Three Ventures can engage and conduct audits fairly readily. While each audit does vary in complexity and time to completion, there are core evaluation components which can readily inform and provide invaluable perspectives and uncover pending and potentially readily remedied threats. Starting an audit is as simple as the first step of getting in touch.

We relish opportunities to analyze systems ready for acquisition. Our comprehensive and objective analysis cloud environments extends well beyond AWS and can include any type of cloud configuration. If you want to know the status of critical infrastructure, understand the threat landscape for a given environment or operation, or wish to gather insights into how to automate and develop a more secure infrastructure, engage the threat and cloud infrastructure and business operations specialists at Three Ventures.

Yes. And, time is of the essence, so reach out to us and we can get started right away. The important action, at this point, is to mitigate the threat and regain control of your critical systems. We’ll take a snapshot, triage and investigate to understand the scope and severity of the breach. If you are or think you are a victim of a breach, don’t delay in reacting as every day you wait could be increasingly costly.

As approved government contractors and threat specialists, our technical teams work to the highest established compliance standards, including the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), HIPAA, SOC, MPA and PCI. Our audits are comprehensive and understandable, with details designed for executives to understand and technical teams to implement. We provide not just compliance analysis and audits, but recommendations and clarity of the threat potential for your configurations.

The Three Ventures team consists of a wide range of senior consultants including business operations and technical specialists with specific skills developing and implementing business continuity plans, disaster recovery protocols and recommendations. We develop compliance, remediation and planning documentation to satisfy the strictest compliance standards and protocols.

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