Google Analytics Audit Implementation Document

Google Analytics Audits

Ensure Your Data Accuracy & Actionability
Gain confidence in using your Google Analytics data to evolve your marketing performance and decision making. Start this process with a Google Analytics Audit.
Auke Vos Analytics Manager
Auke Vos Senior Analytics Manager

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  • Am I tracking what’s important to my business?
  • Why is my bounce rate very high/low?
  • Why don’t conversions and ecommerce data match up to actual numbers?
  • How can I accurately track data across multiple domains?
  • How can I address my self-referral problem?
  • How do I accurately align my marketing channel performance?
  • How can I track missing data?
  • How do we remove PII from our reports?
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Diagnostic 1

Work with analytics consultants to identify and implement a solution to your top priority need.

Get Started With A Diagnostic 1

Foundations Audit

Use our proven framework and processes to ensure your data is accurate and actionable, while on a budget.

Get Started With A Foundations Audit

Diagnostic 2

Work with senior analytics consultants to identify and implement a solution to your top priority needs.

Get Started With A Diagnostic 2

Comprehensive Audit

Use our proven processes and analytics leadership to tackle comprehensive issues, and ensure data accuracy and actionability tailored to your business.

Get Started With A Comprehensive Audit

Our Process



Determine whether a diagnostic or audit is best suited for your needs and budget.



Complete discovery meetings with detailed website and application reviews.



Identify objectives and requirements.



Define analytics tracking needs.



Audit current tracking and implementation per needs.



Review and assess audit findings.



Determine an appropriate plan of implementation per findings.

Google Analytics Audit Dashboard Bot Tracking
Google Analytics Audit Implementation Document


check_circleRegain confidence in taking action with your data.
check_circleEmpower marketing teams with the data they need to optimize performance.
check_circleEnsure your analytics data is easily integrated with other data sources for data visualization.
check_circleEnhance internal skill sets through working hands-on with Three Ventures.
check_circleDevelop an internal knowledge base of tracking documentation.
check_circleBuild company-wide support using data and reporting.
blaine wasylkiw google analytics consulting reccomendation

Client Spotlight - California Dental Association

Blaine Wasylkiw, Director of Technical Solutions
“Something that set 3V apart from their competition was how they kept the focus on what we (as the client) stated were our immediate priorities and objectives, with none of the up-selling or looking too far ahead that many vendors typically fall prey to. We knew exactly what and where we needed outside expertise to help with, and 3V kept the focus on exactly those priorities, making sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed, surfacing related considerations when appropriate, and ensuring that we were always in sync and in agreement every step of the way.”
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