Angular consulting and development

Angular Consulting

Helping your team with strategy, guidance, review, and mentoring for new and existing applications.
When your business needs Angular solutions that are well architected, work with our team to generate solutions for code base structure, state management, performance, technical debt, and testing & continuous delivery/deployment.
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  • I need help structuring my code base
  • I need help managing state between components & services
  • I need help improving the performance of my angular application
  • I need help managing the technical debt produced by new features
  • I need help delivering reliable builds in production
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Application Structure

Code base structure is the most critical step for successful development. Leverage the LIFT principles of Angular to help your team develop efficiently.

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State Management

Manage state consistently from load through current user interaction. Employ a strategy to store and manipulate state, while preserving immutable state.

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Performance Tuning

Learn how to shrink bundle sizes, implement lazy loading, managing change detection & DOM manipulations, and simplify templates.

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Reducing Technical Debt

Keep development on a steady track by resolving existing debt, or employing a strategy to minimize future technical debt.

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Testing & CI/CD

Deliver stable builds with proper testing & continuous delivery/deployment. Leverage unit and end-to-end (E2E) tests prior creating builds to ensure quality.

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Our Process


Code Review

We inspect your code base to gather a well rounded understanding of how your application works.


Issue Identification

We identify issues within your code base and prioritize their resolution based on value.


Resolution Education

We help your team learn about why we need to make a change and provide them with actual solutions to show them how.



We work with your team to get the work done or take a leadership role in seeing tasks through to completion.



We implement testing and update release processes to ensure quality builds are being released into production.

Angular consulting and development
Cloud DevOps Consulting


check_circleIncreased developer productivity
check_circleOrganized code base
check_circleImproved user experience
check_circleIncreased application performance
check_circleReduction in technical debt
check_circleBetter skills for team members / stakeholders
check_circleFaster time to market
Partnership To End Addiction


Partnership to End Addiction
Three Ventures worked with the Partnership to End Addiction to build a front end that enables Americans to find help for substance abuse related problems.
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