Web Engineering Manager

As a leader in this infrastructure-centric part of the organization, you’re able to challenge and grow engineers.


On a daily basis you'll be expected to...

  • Develop people and teams through coaching, mentoring, and feedback.
  • Participate in discussions about web & mobile architecture.
  • Advocate and advance modern software development practices in the teams (CI/CD, test automation etc).
  • Grow the technical expertise of your teams on system performance, platform compatibility and maintainability.
  • Help develop and highlight great engineering practices across all clients.
  • Work closely with teams, product owners, and various stakeholders to ensure we deliver the best tools & capabilities for our clients.
  • Work with client executives to attract, onboard and retain diverse top talent.
  • Collaborate with other internal and client managers.


You should have the following experience...

  • 3-5 years of business related-experience with proven track record of success.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science (or similar on-job experience)

Preferred Skilled Sets

Candidates may/should also have some experience with...

  • Knowledgeable and passionate about web and mobile development technologies, libraries, and frameworks.
  • You have lots experience from working in an agile development environments.

How to Apply

Follow these directions to be considered for the role...

  1. Review your resume and cover letter. Do you accurately depict the responsibility, qualifications and skill sets mentioned above?
  2. Send us some examples of results you've been responsible for in other jobs or projects.
  3. Email us at careers@threeventures.com with your resume and cover letter. Please tell us why you think you're the RIGHT person for the role.
  4. Please follow up once. We want to see that you're serious and not just dumping a resume in 100 different openings.