Google Surveys Consulting

Google Survey Consulting

Answer The “Why” Questions About Your Target Audience
Get quick, valuable, and cost-effective insights from your target audience with Google Survey Consulting. Answer the “why” questions to understand what really drives their engagement with your organization. Then work with our senior analytics team to leverage these qualitative insights to optimize marketing performance and increase customer satisfaction.
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Alan Morte
Alan Morte Head of Analytics

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  • How can I determine how successful our customer experience is?
  • How can I identify new ways to improve our customer experience?
  • How can I identify options for optimizing our marketing performance?
  • How effective is our content at solving our target audience's challenge?
  • How do I identify why users are behaving a certain way on my website or app?
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Research Plan & Data Collection

Work hands-on with our analytics professionals to plan and execute a research project. We’ll identify the key business questions to answer, the data needed, and how it will be analyzed. Then the results will be put into action items for improving your customer experience and marketing performance.

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Training & Support

In an hourly consulting style format, develop your internal skillsets and processes to continually collect and act on qualitative data from your customers.

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Our Qualitative Research Process


Focus & Identify

Define what business questions you need to answer and the data sources you currently have.



Identify the gaps in the data you need to answer your business questions.


Listen & Report

Survey your target audience for collection of data. Then analyze and present the results to stakeholders.



Educate your teams on the conclusions and implement action items.

Google Surveys Consulting Process


check_circleDrive deeper engagement with your target audience.
check_circleUnderstand tangible ways to improve your customer experience.
check_circleSolve bottlenecks and confusion to optimize your marketing performance.

Marketing Analytics Consulting

Optimize your marketing performance with accurate and actionable data paired with veteran marketing and analytics experts. We’ll identify tactical ways to improve campaign outcomes and return on investment.
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Google Optimize Consulting

Successfully test and improve your website performance with Google Optimize, Google Marketing Platform’s testing tool. Use our process to define a testing plan and quickly mitigate the underperforming aspects of your website or application.
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