Google Marketing Platform Consulting

Google Marketing Platform Consulting

Understand Your Customers & Accelerate Your Marketing Performance
In a centralized platform, manage tracking and working with the data most important to the success of your organization. Experience the impact of a trusted Google Marketing Platform partner to augment your teams with data, insights, and action. We work with both enterprise (360) and small business (free) versions.
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Google Analytics Consulting

Regain trust in your Google Analytics data with our full-service analytics offerings.

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Google Data Studio Consulting

Visually identify your marketing performance and uncover key drivers of business outcomes with Google Data Studio.

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Google Big Query Consulting

Democratize and accelerate insights with a trusted and secure cloud data warehouse.

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Google Surveys Consulting

Answer the “why” questions about your customers and target audience with Google Surveys.

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Google Tag Manager Consulting

Make marketing easier and accurately scale your data collection with Google Tag Manager.

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Google Optimize Consulting

Successfully test and improve your website performance with Google Optimize.

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Google Ads Consulting

Accelerate your high value customer growth on the No.1 paid channel online, Google Ads.

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Google Big Query Consulting

Democratize and accelerate insights with a trusted and secure cloud data warehouse.

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Our Process



Measure your business success with an analytics plan and tracking on web and mobile properties (quantitative data: What happened?).



Manage and evolve tracking needs without IT support using tag management.


Visualize & Benchmark

Build dashboards and reports for teams to understand trends and discuss how to influence them.


Understand Why

Leverage surveys to ask customers how they feel or why they did something (qualitative data: How and why did it happen?).


Accelerate Growth

A/B test web and mobile properties to influence business outcomes, from trends of what happened and customer feedback about how or why it happened.

Google Marketing Platform Consulting

Key Outcomes When Working with Three Ventures

When working together, you can expect the following outcomes from our engagement. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your investment in a project produces fruitful returns for your organization.
check_circle Regain confidence in your marketing analytics data and measure what’s important to your business.
check_circle Pair on-site and in-app behaviors with customer records to understand your most valuable audience segments.
check_circle Leverage qualitative data for audience segments to understand and improve customer satisfaction.
check_circle Uncover audience insights and test changes to get more out of what you already have.
check_circle Focus marketing efforts on audiences most likely to drive business growth and revenue.
check_circle Successfully scale data analysis and audience insights across all your data sources
Global Partnership For Education Case Study

Client Spotlight - Global Partnership For Education

Carolina Paula Valenzuela, Marketing Operations
“Thanks to the comprehensive reporting we now have, we are embodying to a culture of data-driven decisions. We feel more confident to make better UX and design decisions for our core audiences and we look forward to continuing to refine our data strategy and use.”
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Google Analytics Consulting

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Google Ads Consulting & Management

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