Tableau Online Consulting

Tableau Online Consulting

Drive Data Adoption & Generate Actionable Business Insights
Work with a trusted partner to ensure that your data visualization strategy generates adoption and derives insights on demand for your team. Take action sooner to get quicker value from your investment in data.
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Alan Morte
Alan Morte Head of Analytics

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  • What is the best way to set up Tableau Online?
  • How can we develop skill sets internally to manage Tableau Online?
  • What is the best way to structure projects and data sources?
  • What is the best way to ensure each team sees only what it needs?
  • What is the best way to incorporate our security and data policies?
  • What is the best way to speed up dashboard and report performance?
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Assessment & Planning of Use

Work directly with senior Tableau consultants to quickly identify how your organization can most effectively use Tableau Online.

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Identity & Access Management Setup

Integrate your identity provider and/or group- and role-based permissions to reports, data sources, and abilities with Tableau Online.

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Workbook and Data Source Optimization

Use our proven processes to reduce workbook sizes, increase performance, and minimize data source latency.

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Setup & Administration

Successfully configure, manage, and evolve Tableau Online to best align with internal team and data usage needs.

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Build the in-house skill sets your organization needs to manage and evolve Tableau Online internally.

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Our Process



Make sure you have a plan for how you’ll share and store reports + data.



If necessary, integrate with your identity provider for a seamless experience, and set up group- and role-based permissions.



Publish reports and data sources to the right teams in Tableau Online.



Manage the evolution of changing users, reporting needs, and security requirements.



Ensure your internal resources can solve common problems and evolution needs.

Tableau Online Consulting Process


check_circleDrive adoption across the company with the appropriate setup and buy-in of use.
check_circleEnsure teams have access to needed reports, at any time, to leverage data in decision making.
check_circleSave time and keep costs low with quick training by experienced leaders.
check_circleLeverage your existing identity provider to control access to Tableau Online.
SFI Health USA

SFI Leadership Uncovers Insights Into What Drives Key Business Metrics

Data Visualization and Tableau Case Study
“Outside of the finance department, our organization had very limited visibility into data. We now have online dashboards for quick counts and overall views. The best part is all departments have role-based access to reports which has accelerated our value from Tableau.``

Marissa Jauregui, Global Product Manager

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TBH Opens The Door To Better Company Wide Analytics

Data Visualization and Tableau Case Study

“TBH is now better positioned to be more successful in the long term, and have begun discussing ways to build on the foundation developed going forward. It’s opened a door to better insights at Trumpet Behavioral Health, not just better reports. We're very excited!``

Jenna Crowley, Business Intelligence Analyst

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TBH Tableau Case Study

Data Visualization

Quickly derive value from your existing data with Data Visualization consulting. Partner with a trusted consulting firm to ensure you select the right platform for your data visualization needs of today and tomorrow. We’ll then work hands-on with you to accelerate adoption and take action from insights.
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Tableau Consulting

Use your current business data to quickly uncover business trends and insights with Tableau Consulting. Work hands-on with a trusted partner to answer your most pressing business questions without delay.
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Tableau Server Consulting

Work closely with a trusted partner to manage, automate, evolve, and troubleshoot your data capabilities with Tableau Server. We support Windows and Linux OS on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, on-premise, or via hybrid-cloud.
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Tableau Prep Consulting

Identify opportunities to integrate and transform data from multiple data sources with Tableau Prep Consulting. Consult with a trusted partner to ensure your transformed data is accurate and report-ready.
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