Analytics Audit

Analytics Audits

Increase Confidence In Your Data Accuracy, Actionability, & Governance
Increase trust in your data and its management when business decisions are being made. Three Ventures will ensure your data is both accurate & actionable using our framework and processes.
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Alan Morte
Alan Morte Analytics Team Lead

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  • We need help with a specific data problem.
  • We have a few small items with our data we need help resolving.
  • We lack trust in our data.
  • We lack the resources to manage and maintain our solution.
  • There is no trust in our collection of data across multiple properties and domains.
  • We have no documentation for our data and the person who managed it left.
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Diagnostic One

Work hands-on with a senior member of our team to address your most pressing analytics challenge using an hourly time and materials style format.

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Diagnostic Two

Work hands-on with our analytics team to address your top two or three analytics challenges with a preset amount of time.

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Foundations Analytics Audit

Leverage our foundational audit framework and senior analytics leaders to address data accuracy and actionability areas to regain confidence in your data.

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Comprehensive Analytics Audit

This deep dive with our analytics leadership helps you regain confidence in your data, and leverages advanced techniques and customizations to answer your most challenging business questions.

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Our Process

Complete discovery meetings and detailed website and application reviews
Identify objectives and requirements
Define analytics tracking architecture
Audit current tracking & implementation per architecture
Review & assess audit findings
Determine an appropriate plan of implementation per findings
Analytics Audit Process


check_circleRegain confidence in taking action with your data
check_circleDevelop an internal knowledge base of tracking documentation
check_circleEnhance internal skill sets through working hands on with 3V
check_circleDeeply connect data to business outcomes
check_circleBuild company-wide support using data and reporting

Platforms & Tools Commonly Audited


Web Analytics Audit

Regain confidence in your most important marketing data sources.
Learn More About A Web Analytics Audit

Paid Search Audit

Identify if spending more means getting more, and ensure you own up to 90% of the high-value market share for your campaigns.
Learn More About A Paid Search Audit

Tag Management Audit

Regain trust in your tag configurations and accuracy of data collection in your tag manager containers.
Learn More About Tag Manager Audits

Analytics Maturity Audit

Check in with your current analytics capabilities and see where you are at in your analytics roadmap.
Learn More About Analytics Maturity Audits

Tableau Audit

Ensure the data and configurations that power your business reports with insights are accurate
Learn More About A Tableau Audit

PowerBI Audit

Ensure that your data sources and dashboard configurations aren't leading to data inaccuracies.
Learn More About A Power BI Audit

Data Quality Audit

Check in with the health of the data that powers your business and decision making.
Get Started With A Data Quality Audit

Data Governance Audit

Review & develop capabilities for data minimization, access controls, data assets, migration plans, backups, and management groups.
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Analytics Audit Case Study & Related Services

SFI Health USA

Client Spotlight - SFI Health

Marissa Jauregui - Global Product Manager
``When we first looked at taking on the project we had little insight into the right processes and platform to answer our business questions. We were very impressed with 3V’s process and approach. They asked thought-provoking questions that led our leadership to great insight into our business and what really drives it.``
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Analytics Consulting

Learn more about our analytics consulting projects and services to help you overcome your biggest analytics challenges.
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Google Analytics Audit

Regain confidence in your best source for marketing analytics data with our multiple types of Google Analytics audits.
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