Serverless Consulting

Serverless Consulting

Scale your applications without having to manage servers
Harness serverless computing to power applications of varying sizes without needing to manage infrastructure.
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Serverless Adoption

Enable your organization with the flexibility of serverless computing by creating proof of concepts that can replace small applications and workloads.

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Serverless Applications

Build entire applications with serverless architectures so you can focus on what matters most, delivering new features quickly.

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Serverless Architectures

Assess serverless architectures for best fit with your application needs. Each application’s needs are different and architectures vary based on requirements.

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Our Process



Prioritize which applications are candidates for serverless.



Dive into the inner workings of an application to identify changes that will need to be made.



Compare various serverless architectures based on cloud provider, related cloud service usage, and future application considerations.



Sharing architecture knowledge with your team to help them be confident with the architecture, environments, and general understanding of working with serverless.



Create or transition an application into a serverless architecture using multiple environments to meet development needs.



Verify functionality across environments to produce consistent application functionality.



Release changes into an environment that are ready for production usage.

Serverless Consulting
Serverless Development Consulting


check_circleReduced infrastructure costs
check_circleRemoval of infrastructure management
check_circleDirect integrations with infrastructure and cloud services
check_circleImproved flexibility to deal with business changes

Connecting Disparate Data Sources Together

Texas Association of School Boards
Three Ventures worked with Texas Association of School Boards to create a serverless functions API with Azure that connected disparate data sources together. This enabled them to have necessary data to make important business intelligence decisions about members within their portal.
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Software Development Consulting

Our senior team consults and works hands-on with you to plan, build, and manage valuable applications for your organization.
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JavaScript Consulting & Development

Learn more about using JavaScript to solve important business challenges related to data and applications.
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