JavaScript Consulting

JavaScript Consulting

Create technical solutions to solve issues with your website, applications, or critical business middleware using JavaScript
Your business has software-related needs that JavaScript can help solve. Our solutions are clever, simplistic, and well authored to provide value for your operation and your technical teams. We do more than just deliver great solutions because we communicate in non-technical terms, teach technical understanding to those that need it, and ask questions that you haven’t thought of. It’s purpose-built JavaScript for your business.
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Workloads Assessment

Use JavaScript and the power of the cloud to create event-driven prototypes that meet business requirements.

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Call Stack Optimization

Restructure all of your website’s JavaScript so code works with each other and not against each other. Ultimately, we provide a better experience that leads to more sales and revenue.

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JavaScript Coaching

Use our team to help your team, with JavaScript. We’ll work directly with your team hands on to promote understanding and enable your employees to provide more value on a daily basis for your business.

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Platform Architecture

Understand which platforms like Angular, React.js, or Vue.js suit your needs and talents best. We teach your team how to design their code base so it's easily understood and maintainable by all your developers.

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Custom Data Collection

Create unique client-side JavaScript solutions for your business that ultimately gives you more data to make informed decisions with.

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Our Process



Form an understanding about your needs, requirements, or desired business outcomes.



Identify important decisions or changes that are needed to drive long term value.



Promote uniformity for direction and knowledge.



Construct new applications or improve on existing features.



Deliver value to your customers, stakeholders, or employees.


Key Outcomes When Working with Three Ventures

When working together, you can expect the following outcomes from our engagement. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your investment in a project produces fruitful returns for your organization.
check_circle Create proof of concepts that validate business needs.
check_circle Improve website usability.
check_circle Gain advanced JavaScript knowledge.
check_circle Create lasting front-end applications (Angular, React, Vue.js).
check_circle Collect critical user data for business intelligence.
Partnership To End Addiction

SAFELocator JavaScript Application

Partnership to End Addiction
Three Ventures worked with the Partnership to End Addiction to build a front end that enables Americans to find help for substance abuse related problems.
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Workloads Assessment

Gain deep knowledge of your applications, cloud suitability, and cloud options to map the current state to a future state of your applications.
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Angular Consulting

See how to generate solutions for code base structure, state management, performance, technical debt, and more.
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