Software Development Consulting

Software Development Consulting

Produce valuable applications for your organization

Consult & work hands-on with our senior team to plan, build, and manage valuable applications for your organization.

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  • I need a team to build an application for my organization
  • I need more development resources to keep up with the workload at my organization
  • I need a common integration format for my business
  • I need help leveraging serverless solutions to build an application
  • I need a JavaScript expert who knows standards, tools, libraries, & frameworks
  • I need help creating custom data layers for marketing analytics
  • I need a team with Angular experience to help with an application
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Software Development

Build your application using our team of senior developers. We have the ability to scale our development operations to meet your business needs for the present and the future.

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Team Augmentation

Leverage our team of senior developers to add more capabilities to your current team. Remove the hassle of building a team and start with a trusted team that has already been working together.

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Build your application using serverless architectures to scale when needed, reduce costs, and simplify your infrastructure management.

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JavaScript Development

We leverage JavaScript to solve important business challenges related to data and applications. We have a deep understanding of how we can leverage client side technologies to build custom solutions.

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Angular Development

Build large client side applications that are feature rich with the Angular platform. Angular is core to our proficiencies and has the proper functionality to deliver on application requirements.

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Data Layer Development

Get help tracking data that provides the fundamental building blocks for your marketing analytics and business intelligence.

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API Development

Centralize your business information into an API and create a single source of truth for accessing business data.

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check_circleCreate minimum viable products
check_circleCreate proof of concepts
check_circleExpand your current development capabilities
check_circleImprove scalability for your application infrastructure
check_circleCreate unique software solutions specific to your business
check_circleGather data to generate new business insights
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Solving Complex Marketing Analytics Challenges With Software Development

SalsaLabs Software
Three Ventures created a unique solution to solve a complex data challenge for all of our customers. We leveraged their knowledge of JavaScript, Web Analytics, and browser cookies to make tactical changes to our application which allowed clients to solve complex tracking challenges across multiple domains.
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Cloud Engineering

Deliver value for your customers/users with thoughtful features powered by the reliability of the cloud.
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Workloads Assessment

Gain deep knowledge of your application, cloud suitability and options, and map the current state to a future state of your applications.
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