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Google Analytics iOS App - A Must For Analytics Professionals

TL;DR Finally! The Google Analytics app for iOS is here! For all analytics professionals and business owners who use Google Analytics, the app is a must have. The app has been out for quite some time on android, and it's a pretty great slimmed down version. The iOS Google Analytics app seems to be similar to look and feel, but let's be honest, I think we would take just about any GA app given how long we've waited :).

Alan morte
President & Co-Founder
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Google Analytics iOS App - Overview Screen Shots

To start, go download the Google Analytics iOS app. Log in, then click the property and profile you want to see data for. Upon choosing these, you should see an overview. Check out the following screenshots.

Google Analytics iOS app overview real time
Google Analytics iOS app Overview
Google Analytics iOS app Overview Conversions

Google Analytics iOS App - Drill Downs

In each part of the overview from the examples from above, you can click on the widget, and it will take you to a new view with a further drill down for the data.

Google Analytics iOS App Real Time Overview
Google Analytics iOS App Aquisition Overview
Google Analytics iOS App Audience Overview

Google Analytics iOS App - Dimension Drill Downs

In each part of the data drill downs, you can further select dimension drill downs (Like Sessions, Unique Sessions, Etc). Be careful, the Google Analytics app uses visitors and not sessions as used in the web interface. We're sure an update will come for this sooner than later.

Google Analytics iOS App Visits Dimension Drill Down
Google Analytics iOS App Day Dimension Drilldown
google analytics iOS app goal completitions

Google Analytics iOS App & Other Analytics Updates

We hope you enjoyed some screen shots of the new Google Analytics app for iOS and we're super stocked to start using it every day! Don't forget that we send our Google Analytics team to most major analytics conferences and events every year, so if you want Google Analytics updates sent straight to your inbox, don't forget to signup for our email newsletter. You can also contact our Google Analytics Consultants for project specific or ongoing support.

Download The Google Analytics iOS App

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Alan morte

Alan Morte

President & Co-Founder

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