Google Adwords Remarketing For Search

TL;DR Google Adwords Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA) allow advertisers to remarket to visitors based on their previous interaction with a brand's website.

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Google Adwords Remarketing for Search retargets visitors who have previously been to a brand's website(s) with search. It's important to note that this retargeting will be based by previous visit(s) and the keyword searched on Google (And partners). This allows you to target users with paid search ads who have showed interest in a product / service, or have previously interacted with your brand.

What Adwords Remarketing For Search Means

Adwords Remarketing for search means a more targeted approach, higher conversions, and a better user experience; all of which are known to increase ROI. This beta retargets visitors using unique keywords, ads, landing pages, bids, etc. Awesome!

How Adwords Remarketing For Search Works

Adwords remarketing for search uses a pixel to retarget visitors, which advertisers must place on their website via FTP or with Google Tag Manager. When a visitor's browser loads the pixel, they get added to remarking list(s) based upon the content they interact with. Then, when this visitor does a Google search for a keyword that is in the remarketing campaign, they have the ability to be retargeted.

Campaigns Must Be Built Separately

Remarketing Campaigns and regular Enhanced/Legacy Campaigns must be built separately. Google will show the ad with the higher ad rank in the results page. Keep in mind the quality score and max cpc of both campaigns when both share the same or similar keywords. This will ensure the correct ad is showing for retargeting.

The Benefit of Adwords Remarketing For Search

Plain and simple, remarketing for search offers a more targeted approach when advertising with Adwords. Here are some general best practices:

  • Utilize Broad Keywords

    Start with broad keywords as users are pre-qualified. Then add relevant keywords with a strong ROI from the 'See Search Terms' report.
  • Set A Higher CPC

    This makes sure that you'll have a better chance of achieving a high ad position. The top three ads get a vast majority of the clicks from our experience.
  • Serve Specific Ads

    Providing ads with specific content related to past history on your site is more likely to be appealing to the visitor.
  • Don't Call Out The User

    You can put 'Yellow Widgets' in your ad, but don't put "Looking For A Yellow Widget". This will be likely to raise some suspicion from the Adwords Quality Team. It's going to be interesting to see how Google polices this moving forwards.

Wrapping Up Search Remarketing

We definitely see this being a huge hit for our partners in markets with high traffic volume. Be sure to check back for future posts on Adwords Remarketing for Search, and as always, feel free to leave your comments below. Have access to the beta? If you or your company requires help from a Certified Partner like Three Ventures, feel free to contact us contact us. Read more about Google Adwords Management and Consulting by Three Ventures.

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Alan morte

Alan Morte

President & Co-Founder

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