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Fourteen Google Analytics Product Announcements - #GASUMMIT

TL;DR The 2013 Google Analytics Summit was a big one in terms of product announcements. In the opening keynote, Paul Muret and the Google Analytics team announced 14 new features. The theme of #GASUMMIT 2013 was access, empower, and act. In the list of the products below, you'll see that Google is investing time and money in providing us access to the data we need, empowering us with the tools required for analysis, and giving us the power to act.

Alan morte
President & Co-Founder
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Google Tag Manager Auto Event Tracking

Track events without editing HTML.

Google Tag Manager Auto Event Tracking

Enterprise SLA for Google Tag Manager

Rolls out in Q4 for Google Analytics Premium.


#3 - The Universal Analytics Upgrade Tool

Change ga.js properties to analytics.js

Google Analytics Upgrade Tool Product Announcement

#4 - New Management UI & API

Account and employee management API

New Google Analytics UI and API
Google Analytics Employee and Management API

#5 - New ABC Report

Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions. Has it's own tab, 100% roll out in the weeks following 10/1/13.

Google Analytics ABC Report

#6 - Unified Segments Tool

Drill deeper into data.

Unified Segments Google Analytics

#7 - Audience Data and Reporting

Age, gender, and interests.

Audience Data and Reporting Google Analytics

#8 - Audience Data Within Unified Segments

Audience Data Within Unified Segments Google Analytics

#9 - Google Analytics + Big Query

Export Google Analytics Premium sessions, with their hits, into Google Big Query. $500 monthly credit for Google Analytics Premium clients.

Google Analytics + Big Query
Google Big Query At A Glance

#10 - Double Click Campaign Manager (DCM) Integration

Double Click Manager Integration Google Analytics

#11 - Inclusion of DCM data into multi-channel funnels

Double Click into Multi Channel Funnels

#12 - Google Play and Google Analytics Integration

Exclusive view into the Play store only from Google Analytics, referral flow for Play.

Google Play In Google Analytics

#13 - Google Analytics Academy

Real online courses taught by Google's education team, using hangout technology.

Google Analytics Academy

#14 - In Product Help Videos

Google Analytics Help Videos

2013 #GASUMMIT Product Announcements In Review

These product announcements are meant to help us access the data we need, empower us with the tools we need to analyze, and allow us to take action from our analysis. Reference the image below to see how these fourteen product announcements fit under the categories of access, empower, and act.

Google Analytics Product Announcements In Review

Feel free to converse your thoughts on the fourteen new products in the comments below, or share across your social networks. Be sure to check back on the #3VToday blog or subscribe to our email list for all the latest in online marketing, analytics, design, and technology.

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Alan Morte

President & Co-Founder

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