Workload assessment

Workloads Assessment

Assess, Plan, and Deploy a Proof of Concept for Any Cloud Application
Get a methodical assessment of your existing applications that provides visibility of quick wins and delivers business ROI. Our process will help you gain deep knowledge of your application, cloud suitability and options, and map the current state to a future state of your applications
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  • How do I reduce the costs associated with running an application?
  • How do I evaluate options for critical business applications like CRMs, ERPs, CDPs, etc.?
  • Ho do I get more value out of my existing CRMs, ERPs, CDPs, etc.?
  • I need to evaluate cloud suitability for a new or existing application.
  • I need help deploying a proof of concept in the cloud.
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Application Audit

Assess an existing application to gain insight about areas of improvement for your cloud architecture.

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Platform/Product Evaluations

Compare competing products and platforms against each other to find the best fit for your business needs.

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Platform/Product Consulting

Get senior level help for critical business applications to solve your most pressing challenges.

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Cloud Architecture Development

Create architectures that best fit your applications needs using the cloud.

Get Started With Cloud Architecture Development

Proof of Concept Creation

Create a proof of concept to validate a new application or serve as the starting point for migrating an existing application.

Get Started With A Proof of Concept Creation

Our Process


Inventory Existing Applications

We review and organize your applications in a way that fits your business.


Categorize Applications

We group applications together by type to prioritize similar scopes of work.


Compare Services & Platforms

We evaluate the suitability of cloud services and technology platforms to best fit your application(s).


Create Proof of Concepts

We create new application architectures to verify the best fit cloud services and technology platforms.


Calculate TCO

We summarize the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with each proof of concept from initial implementation to application retirement.


Create a Migration Plan

We prioritize which applications you’ll build first based on business use cases.

Workload assessment


check_circleIdentify cloud-suitable workloads.
check_circleIdentify infrastructure consolidation opportunities.
check_circleEstablish complete application transparency.
check_circleVerify proof of concepts meet business requirements.

Application Audit

Gain the application insight you need to make decisions that deliver business value from your website, tools, or mobile apps.
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Infrastructure Audit

Understand the current health of your network and applications to achieve piece of mind with your infrastructure security and compliance.
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