Cloud DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting

Automate Your Software & Infrastructure to Increase Scalability, Reliability, & Security.
Create a stable, automated infrastructure to increase time to value and scalability within your organization. Spend more time focusing on what really matters by automating repetitive tasks to ensure a high level of quality for your organization.

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DevOps Adoption

We work with your organization to learn about your business, prioritize needs, and implement standard practices to start your DevOps transformation.

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DevOps Audit

We'll leverage our experience and expertise to evaluate your software delivery processes and infrastructure. Then, we provide an optimization plan to outline tactical steps toward improvement.

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DevOps Automation

We'll implement a toolkit to help your team automate aspects of software development specific to your needs.

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DevOps Management

We form a mutual partnership to help you manage your current DevOps methodologies and processes while bringing new initiatives and processes forward for consideration.

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Our Process



Understand the feature needs to create an actionable plan for development.



Develop the code needed to support feature needs.



Package the application for testing and release.



Verify the intended application functionality to ensure quality code releases.



Leverage tooling to automate the distribution of new code into production.



Leverage platforms and tooling to manage the infrastructure to deploy your application.



Define repeatable actions to maintain consistent infrastructure state.



Evaluate the application to detect potential code and performance issues quickly.

DevOps Consulting

Key Outcomes When Working with Three Ventures

When working together, you can expect the following outcomes from our engagement. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your investment in a project produces fruitful returns for your organization.
check_circle Improved time to market
check_circle Decreased management time
check_circle Improved software and infrastructure quality
check_circle Enhanced issue resolution
check_circle Consistent environments and stable builds
Partnership To End Addiction

Client Spotlight: Partnership to End Addiction

Doug Leu, Chief Technology Officer
Three Ventures helped us adopt DevOps methodologies into our organization to reduced management time and improve our reliability under heavy traffic loads. We rely on them to evolve our current processes and also to architect solutions for new business requirements.
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Cloud Consulting

Unlock value and promote change in your organization with everything from applications and features, to infrastructure and security.
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Workloads Assessment

Gain deep knowledge of your application, cloud suitability and options, and map the current state to a future state of your applications.
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