Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Drive New Value Across Your Business with the Cloud

Unlock value and promote change in your organization with everything from applications and features, to infrastructure and security.

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Walter Hix, IV
Wally Hix Head of Cloud Services
Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Build architectures for today and tomorrow
Give your business a rock-solid foundation to support core applications that drive revenue. Strategically design your infrastructure to accommodate current and future initiatives within the cloud.

  • Networking
  • Security, Identity, and Compliance
  • Infrastructure Audits
  • Hybrid Cloud
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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Safeguard business and customer data
Safeguard data across your organization, from your infrastructure to your phone conversations (and everything in between). Remediate issues, maintain compliance and promote security practices, so they become part of everyone’s responsibilities.

  • Application Audits
  • Infrastructure Audits
  • Compliance Audits
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Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

Know the best way forward with the cloud
Drive revenue for your organization with a thoughtful cloud strategy that maximizes ROI. Gain clarity on what technology to adopt first, then create a path forward that aligns growth with business opportunity.

  • Infrastructure Feasibility Report
  • Cloud Strategy Roadmap
  • Application Modernization Roadmap
  • Existing Cloud Strategy Roadmap
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Cloud Engineering

Cloud Development

Create software your customers will love
Deliver more value to your customers with applications and new features. Produce software that combines the best in technology, design and experience, so you can exceed your customer’s needs today – and guide their needs of tomorrow.

  • Workloads Assessment
  • Application Modernization
  • Application Audits
  • Software Development
  • DevOps
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