For 2022
This is our company schedule for the 2021 calendar year! Our normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8AM - 4PM in each office's local time zone.
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Three Ventures 2022 Company Schedule & Holidays

About Our Organization

We are working/available from 8AM - 4PM, Monday - Friday in the office's local time zone. We work hard for our clients because it's in our nature to want to do better. Sometimes we need to step away and recharge so we can be ready to tackle the next challenges we face together.
We offer after hours availability at the following times*:

Mon – Fri: 7:00PM – 5:00AM

Sat – Sun: 8:00AM – 4:00PM

We will only work after hours when explicitly asked so via email.

* – After hours are subject to consultant discretion and are billed at 1.5 times your normal hourly rate.

Our Schedule

If you can't get a hold of us Monday - Friday between 8:00AM - 4:00PM, make sure today isn't one of these days:
  • Friday, December 31, 2021 - New Year's Day
  • Monday, January 17 - Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Monday, February 21 - Washington's Birthday
  • Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day
  • Monday, June 20 - Juneteenth National Independence Day
  • Monday, July 4 to Friday, July 8 - Summer Break
  • Monday, September 5 - Labor Day
  • Monday, October 10 - Columbus Day
  • Friday, November 11 - Veterans Day
  • Monday, November 21 to Friday November 25th - Thanksgiving Break
  • Friday, December 23 to Monday, January 2nd 2023 - Christmas Break