Cloud Consulting Security Process

Cloud Security Consulting

Resolve Vulnerabilities in Your Network/Applications Before They're Compromised
Cloud security consulting by Three Ventures manages, maintains, and protects networks and assets of all shapes and sizes in most geographies. Together we'll deploy operational support systems and machine learning to identify bad actors, code, and applications to build trust with your users.
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  • How do I understand what is on my network?
  • How do I understand the cyber threats facing my organization?
  • How do I block bots from purchasing items on my website?
  • How do I secure my application from bad actors?
  • How do we ensure compliance is met & maintained?
  • How do I educate my employees about the importance of cybersecurity?
  • How do I train my employees in social engineering techniques?
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Product Security Engineering

Help your team vet application libraries, frameworks for vulnerabilities, application lifecycle, and dependency management. We work with your developers to help validate your application and provide recommendations.

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Product Security Operations

Deploy techniques to block bad actors from using your applications and causing disruption in revenue generation.

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SIEM Platform Deployment

Security information and event management platform deployment.

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Security Protocol Creation

Work with our team to define and implement a holistic company security protocol. Use this as a north star to keep you and your team safe from bad actors.

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Achieve / Maintain Compliance

Work with our senior leadership to achieve and/or maintain compliance requirements in public, private, or hybrid clouds

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check_circleFortify server operating systems using DoD Standards.
check_circleIntegrate CIS benchmark conformance into infrastructure.
check_circleIntegrate NIST Conformance into Infrastructure.
check_circleSecure your known vulnerabilities with DoD Security Technical Implementation Guides STIG Implementation.
check_circleIntegrate NSA Secure Host Baseline into your Applications.
check_circleUnderstand the threats facing your organization.

Cloud Consulting

Unlock value and promote change in your organization with everything from applications and features, to infrastructure and security.
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Cloud Security, Identity, & Compliance

Achieve scalable capabilities for secure workloads and applications with consulting solutions for security, identity, and compliance.
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