Cloud Networking Consulting

Cloud Networking Consulting

Overcome your networking challenges for applications, compliance, and visibility.
Design, develop, and provide production support for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) design, content delivery networks (CDN), load balancers, DNS, multi-regional architectures, direct connects, and other networking solutions such as iPAM and DCIM. Use the buttons below to learn more about cloud networking consulting by Three Ventures.
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Walter Hix, IV
Wally Hix Head of Cloud Services

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  • How do I reduce latency in my network for application services?
  • How do I get better visibility into my network configuration?
  • How do I build a network that meets compliance requirements?
  • How do I overcome the shortcomings of our current network?
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Network Performance Audit

Get the visibility that’s needed to understand your current network’s utilization, throughput, and performance. Use your newfound visibility to increase capacity planning and network productivity.

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Configuration Management

Regain control of your growing network by leveraging tooling and analytics to proactively manage and monitor your network infrastructure.

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Network Design & Security

Account for the flow of data within your network to only allow access when needed, safeguard your network from the public, and allow your network to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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Network Capacity Planning

Collect the information you need to build a network infrastructure for today’s needs and tomorrow’s plans.

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Our Process


Introduction & Requirements

We learn about your business and the requirements you have in the cloud.


Discovery & Analysis

We review your existing cloud and/or on-premise configurations and service usage. Then, we analyze our findings to recommend changes.


Conceptualization & Design

We outline new configurations and solution architectures to achieve business requirements.


Development & Validation

We implement solutions and validate business requirements.



We connect our solutions with applications and new business processes to meet business demands.


Optimization & Automation

We iterate on existing solutions and verify maintained compliance.

Cloud Networking Consulting


check_circleObtain visibility into every packet on your network.
check_circleIdentify and resolve threats facing your infrastructure.
check_circleRespond to bad actors automatically using machine learning (ML).
check_circleSetup data egress and ingress controls.
check_circleCreate network escalation strategy.
check_circleDetect unauthorized user behavior; move users to a more secure network.
check_circleDeploy Zero Trust / BeyondCorp solutions.
check_circleDirect connectivity from your office to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Partnership To End Addiction

Partnership To End Addiction Relies On 3V For Cloud Success

Douglas Leu, CTO
We rely on the Three Ventures team for their knowledge and execution ability with Cloud and Engineering projects. They’re available when we need them and they feel more like key members of our team than external vendors.

Cloud Consulting

Unlock value and promote change in your organization with everything from applications & features to infrastructure & security.
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Infrastructure Consulting

Ensure your use of infrastructure platforms and the technology in them is well thought out and methodical.
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