Power BI Consulting

Power BI Consulting

Quickly Derive Value from Your Data by Uncovering Insights & Taking Action
Unify your disparate business data sources to quickly develop dashboards and reports to uncover business drivers and trends. Work hands-on with a trusted consulting partner to answer your business questions in weeks, not months.
Auke Vos Analytics Manager
Auke Vos Analytics Manager

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  • How do I identify the business questions that our data can answer?
  • How do I accurately integrate my data with Power BI?
  • How do I use data visualization to understand business trends?
  • How do I provide access to reporting for my team’s day-to-day use?
  • How do I accelerate learning and platform adoption with Power BI?
  • How do I help my teams understand trends and actions to take?
  • How can I accelerate the learning curve that comes with Power BI?
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Measurement Framework & Questions to Be Answered

Work with our analytics leadership to identify the questions your data will need to answer.

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Data Readiness, Integration, & Accuracy

Accurately bring your data into Power BI, validate it against your current internal source of truth, and build out your data definitions.

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Report & Dashboard Development

Visually answer your business questions with stunning dashboards and reports.

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Power BI Online & Report Server

Use our proven processes and administrators to deploy, configure, secure, manage, and publish reports, and evolve your usage of Power BI Online/Report Server.

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Business Insights

Work with senior business analysts who have multi-industry experience to help your teams understand relationships, uncover insights, and identify actions for improvement.

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Training & Support

Work hands-on with our leaders to develop capabilities internally and evolve the usage of PowerBI at your organization.

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Our Process



Identify what questions you are going to answer with the data you have and what data you’ll need to get to answer others.



Bring in the data you have, ensure it’s ready for use, and make sure it’s accurate compared to your existing reports (if they exist).



Leverage insightful visualizations, at the correct level of detail, to answer your business questions.



Publish reports and data sources to the right teams, with the correct permissions for data use.



Ensure your internal resources can solve common problems and evolution needs.

Power BI Consulting
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check_circleAnswer tactical business questions with intuitive, available dashboards and reports.
check_circleSave time and money learning about Power BI/Report Server.
check_circleQuickly correlate and derive value from your disparate data sources.
check_circleEstablish organization-wide benchmarks and goals for key business drivers and outcomes.

Data Visualization

Quickly derive value from your existing data with Data Visualization consulting. Partner with a trusted consulting firm to ensure you select the right platform for your data visualization needs of today and tomorrow. We’ll then work hands-on with you to accelerate adoption and take action from insights.
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Tableau Consulting

Use your current business data to quickly uncover business trends and insights with Tableau Consulting. Work hands-on with a trusted partner to answer your most pressing business questions without delay.
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