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Get real-time answers to your most pressing and critical business questions with Tableau and Three Ventures consulting. With a cross-disciplinary team with multi-industry experience and technical expertise, you can grow your business with 24/7 access to KPIs.

Tableau Consulting Services

Strategy and KPI Identification
The Right

Strategy and KPI Identification

Understand what data you have, the questions you need to answer and the best way to visualize and share it.

Data Integrations
Trusted and Consistent

Data Integrations

Define, document, cleanse, transform and integrate your data with Tableau Prep or other ETL platforms.

Dashboards and Reports
Insightful and Interactive

Dashboards and Reports

Strategic, tactical, analytical and operational dashboards to manage your data in near real-time.



Work directly with those who make it happen so you can be the gatekeeper of Tableau success at your organization.

Tableau Server and Online
Administration For

Tableau Server and Online

Outsource the management of your Tableau server or online installation to trusted administrators and save both time and money.


Bulletproof Strategy

Successfully align your people and processes to drive adoption of Tableau at your company.


Data You Can Trust

Accurately integrate all your needed data sources and match them to your source of truth.


Insightful Reporting

Uncover your business drivers (and failures) with reporting built for all levels of your organization.

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Accelerate Your Revenue Growth With Tableau

Consistently stay ahead of the competition and increase revenue with 24/7 access to your most critical business intelligence. Three Ventures provides comprehensive Tableau consulting services to ensure you can stay focused on your business, empowered by accurate and actionable insights at your fingertips. That’s why our clients experience:

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Ready to Accelerate Your Business Productivity and Revenue With Tableau?

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Tableau FAQ

Yes, we can help you integrate your unique data sources.

Tableau has a lot of standard connections. If one doesn’t exist, there are options for premium ODBC connections to purchase. There are also programmatic spreadsheet solutions for smaller data sets.

If multiple data sources need to be integrated together we often use ETL tools such as Tableau Prep, Alteryx and others to facilitate client needs.

We work with all Tableau products including Desktop, Prep, Server and Online.

We have specialties with all products and teams dedicated to supporting them.

We work with all types of industries (and we know that’s not what you wanted to hear).

Internally we look more at the type of business and the departments we’ll be working with. For example, lead generation vs. e-commerce vs. publisher, etc.

This is because we commonly work with teams in marketing, finance, sales, operations or IT. Most challenges facing these teams are common across industries. For example, sales insights, marketing trends, financial reporting, product trends or IT infrastructure. The industry itself doesn’t really change the data structure or classification, hence, this is why we say we focus more on business type than on industry. However we have worked with specific types of compliance and data formats for regulated industries such as finance and healthcare.

If you have questions about a specific practice or request, please contact us.

Clients using Tableau work with Three Ventures in two main ways: projects or retainers.

Most clients start off with a project. This is a fixed scope and timeline style project which involves any of the following: assessments, audits, installs, reporting development, training or very specific technical problem solving.

As clients become more comfortable working with our team, they see the value of having a trusted partner internally. Some will move to a monthly retainer. Such monthly retainer engagements have a dedicated block of time and clients get to use that time as they see fit.

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