Conquer Uncertainty with Productivity

COVID-19 has no doubt impacted your business operations, decision making, and productivity. Now more than ever your organization needs accountability and execution on the tasks and projects that matter most. Use the buttons below to learn how you can engage with our senior consultants on an hourly basis. Since 2012, we’ve been the masters of working virtually for clients and delivering results.

Get help with the impacted areas of your business

Systems, Experience, Operations, Commerce, Customers, Supply Chain, Leadership, Workplace and Workforce are all impacted. Find perspective from our senior consultants using the sections below to see how our clients are staying productive with hourly consulting for analytics, marketing, cloud, and software services.

Analytics Services

See how we can boost your revenue productivity with data.

Report / Data Visualization

Quickly leverage data visualization to connect to your marketing data sources and understand what’s driving your business revenue. We can use a free, or your already existing data visualization platform.

Insights & Revenue Management

Watch our senior insights staff show you trends in your data, industry, and key revenue drivers so you can manage what’s most important to your business - money. We’ll work with your stakeholders to ensure they’re in the know weekly.

Marketing Services

Boost productivity in finding, acquiring, and engaging your target audience.

Test Guerilla Marketing Opportunities

COVID has created new opportunities in the world of paid search. Let our senior staff quickly execute highly targeted, low cost campaigns, that instantly show you the data of what’s working.

Own 90%+ Market Share for High-value Campaigns

Easily deploy our bidding and budgeting algorithm to ensure your ads show for 90%+ of the market share for your highest value search campaigns. Automate removal of non-converting keywords and reporting of performance.

Engage Your High Value Customers

Our content team is working with clients in multiple industries and verticals during the crisis to help them engage core audiences. Leverage our insight into the best options for engagement of your high value audiences, without being an annoyance.

New Audience Management

Deploying or configuring software to manage a new audience is a challenge normally. Now’s a good time to let seasoned technologists and marketing automation professionals help your team execute.

Cloud Services

Enable your workforce to be secure and productive when working remotely.

Enable Remote Work

Enable remote work with a focus on culture, technologies, communications and policies—at extraordinary speed and scale.

Automate Manual Tasks

Accelerate existing automation investments to mitigate the impact of systems disruption, free up human resource capacity and streamline IT workforce management.

Scale Applications as Needed

Quickly resolve critical systems availability and performance constraints and scale applications to meet business demand.

Reducing Unused Cloud Costs

Navigate extreme surges or drops in demand, manage risk, deploy instant innovation and optimize cloud costs.

Quickly Pivot with IT

Quickly source and onboard skilled resources to support critical in-flight services or deliver new information technology projects.

Don’t Become a Cloud Security Victim

Secure your customers, people and systems wherever they are to counter the bad actors who seek to take advantage during a crisis.

Software Services

See how we can help you quickly pivot to execute on new ideas.

Application Solutions

Leverage cloud services to develop an application solution in the quickest way possible.

Team Augmentation

Use our senior level staff to augment your team in any fashion to deliver at pre-covid execution speeds.

Not sure what to do?

Use our let's talk form to have a complimentary call with senior consultants to help provide guidance during these times.

Pricing during COVID-19

Any engagement is completed on an hourly time and materials basis. Work is done virtually via screen share, phone call, email, slack / teams, etc. No contracts, pay as you go via credit card.

High Value, Low Commitment

Hourly Consulting

Hourly rates vary by service and number of hours needed. Contact us for details.

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