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How To Use Predictive Metrics and User Lifetime Predictions In Google Analytics 4

Note: In this post we’re talking about user lifetime for Google Analytics 4 properties. Regular Google Analytics properties also have Lifetime Value reports which are very similar. Predictive metrics aren’t available in regular properties but...


What Is Google Analytics 4? Should I Move To It?

In this article, we’ll go over the details of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), what it is, and how it compares with the ‘regular’ Google Analytics. We’ll also review some pros and cons and look at...

Cross Domain Tracking Google Analytics Salsa Labs

How To Setup Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking With Salsa Labs Engage & CRM

At Three Ventures we have many clients who are 503c non-profit organizations. While each client is different in their mission and digital needs, one thing is consistent, lots of you use Salsa Labs for fundraising...

How To Take Control Of Your Marketing Channels With Google Analytics

Google’s Attribution Projects: Solved Marketing Attribution or Just Another Data Distraction?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from clients about Google’s Attribution product inside Google Analytics, if it is right for them, how it helps their marketing and more. While it is still early days...

Self-referrals Google Analytics

How To Fix Self-Referrals In Google Analytics

At Three Ventures we do a lot of enterprise work with Google Analytics. Oftentimes, when we perform analytics audits for these clients, we typically find common self-referral issues. In addition to this, we’ve been getting...

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