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Customer Data Platform Consulting

Grow Your Business Through Data-Driven Insights From CDPs & CXPs!
Learn how to translate consumer insights into profitable solutions with Customer Data Platform Consulting. As a result of leveraging data from multiple channels, we are able to make recommendations on UX design, content, ad positioning, and shopping cart optimization. These enhanced insights work to drive conversions, going beyond just top of funnel interactions and work to optimize lower level funnel interactions for greater engagements and conversions.

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Customer & Audience Insights Consulting

We enable you to gain more insights into how your customers are interacting with your content. We are able to implement technology that optimizes the consumer journey so that you can convert more customers through personalization. Our insights will improve conversions, engagements, increase revenue and profits.

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CDP / CXP Platform Assessment & Readiness

Our engagement process involves us first “analyzing” your analytics maturity by means of a comprehensive audit. Once we understand your situation we will develop a measurement strategy that will include technology recommendations that will help you to achieve your goals.

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Insights Generating Measurement Strategy

We appreciate how growth can create unique issues. Our measurement strategy will direct you towards a solution that will bring all of your data together in a structured way so that you can have a foundation for enhanced insights.

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CDP & CXP Audits

During our comprehensive audit we closely examine the technology you are using to ensure that all technology has been implemented properly. We help you with data governance and assist you if it is determined that additional technology must be implemented in order to help you reach your goals.

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Customer & Audience Retention

Through insights we help you to better identify the needs of potential customers, enhance your messaging to retail existing customers, and improve customer experiences through real-time automation. We help you to understand CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) so that when a customer stops spending we can determine the root cause, and develop targeted strategies to engage them.

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Audience Segmentation & Personalization

We work to make sure that you have the right technology in place at the start of the engagement. Once we understand your goals and your business, we can help you develop the right audience segmentation strategy that will help to drive customized messages and experiences. Through testing and optimization we ensure that the right experience is presented to every audience.

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Data Visualization & Reporting

We have a team that specializes in data visualization to bring your data to life. Our expert data scientists work to centralize the acquisition of your data so that you are focused on data that actually drives the business and generates useful insights.

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Customer Data Centralization & Organization

We have experience working with a variety of DMP’s (Data Management Platform), CRM, SEM, and CDP’s (Customer Data Platforms). Our data engineers work to help bring all of your marketing campaigns together so that you are providing consistent messaging and experiences. We maximize your insights capabilities by merging both internal and third-party data sets, and then utilizing AI to analyze and serve customized content in real-time.

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Customer Data & Experience Platform Consulting (CDP & CDXP)

Our experts will help you to explore the best platform to help you get the most out of your data, and help you to dramatically maximize profits and customer loyalty by targeting the right customers with the right messaging!
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Our Process



Understanding who your customers are, where they shop, and their overall journey is critical to understanding how to target them.



Implement the necessary tag management solutions, tracking, data warehousing, testing, optimization, and data visualization platforms to get the most out of your data.



Using data we are able to analyze site behavior in order to determine the best strategy for personalization.


Testing & Optimization

Discover opportunities, plan experiments, execute tests, analyze results, implement winners and repeat variations of success.



Analysis of what's happening, testing findings, and business goals to go beyond top of funnel interactions and provide understandings of how to optimize lower level funnel interactions by audience.

Customer Data Platform Consulting

Key Outcomes When Working with Three Ventures

When working together, you can expect the following outcomes from our engagement. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your investment in a project produces fruitful returns for your organization.

check_circle Work with a team of highly skilled experts in data science and marketing
check_circle Target customers with targeted messaging
check_circle Improve revenue and profitability
check_circle Enhance data-driven decision making in real-time
check_circle Increase customer conversions and engagements
check_circle Merge all internal and external data sets
check_circle Improve retention with enhanced insights
check_circle Centralize marketing and multi-channel optimization efforts
check_circle Drive your business with actionable insights
blaine wasylkiw google analytics consulting reccomendation

Client Spotlight - California Dental Association

Blaine Wasylkiw, Director of Technical Solutions
“Something that set 3V apart from their competition was how they kept the focus on what we (as the client) stated were our immediate priorities and objectives, with none of the up-selling or looking too far ahead that many vendors typically fall prey to. We knew exactly what and where we needed outside expertise to help with, and 3V kept the focus on exactly those priorities, making sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed, surfacing related considerations when appropriate, and ensuring that we were always in sync and in agreement every step of the way.”
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Adobe Analytics Consulting

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