Amazon Self Serve RTB Ad Platform

Amazon Self Serve RTB Ad Platform

Curtis Morte
Director of engineering at Three Ventures. Chat with him on LinkedIn
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Throughout 2012, Amazon has been engineering their brand to incorporate the new Amazon self serve RTB ad platform. They have created a proprietary real-time bidding platform that is able to connect with exchanges and supply-side platforms. The current supply-side platforms are Google’s AdX and PubMatic.

Amazon’s Advantages

Since Amazon has created their own ad platform, they have one clear advantage; current Amazon user data which will power their retargeting efforts. This is huge! Amazons recommendations algorithm and conversion boosting ability will give advertisers the data that they desire to use for online marketing efforts.

The Self Serve Real Time Bidding Platform

The platform hasn’t been fully released but, some information has been released as to what technologies advertisers will be able to use. The platform includes real time bidding for media buyers, agency trading, and access to some amazon user data for targeting. Advertisements can be placed on Amazon or their affiliate networks and non-amazon sites as well. The biggest catch is marketers will get some ability to use action and revenue data from purchases previously made on Amazon. This helps targeting efforts even more because it will give advertisers insight to current high performing interests, upcoming interests and underperforming interests.

Advertisers and Conversion Data

Advertisers will have access to some of Amazon’s conversion data, which will help targeting efforts tenfold. Amazon is the internet ecommerce giant and who else would have more conversion data than them? Conversion data is different than search data because of the monetary values that conversion data has to offer. Search data can be analyzed to make marketing efforts more visible but, conversion data can be analyzed to see which areas will increase sales. Search data cannot give this information.

If you need help with Amazon’s real time bidding platform, Three Ventures recommends contacting OSC, an Amazon Seller Consulting firm. Of course if you need any help with product branding, or placement, you can always contact us.

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